In praise of the lowly clothesline


Letter to the Editor iconIn celebration of the upcoming 53rd Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd I would like to sing the praises of the clothesline in hopes of enrolling the readers of the Community Advocate to strongly consider stringing one up in their own yards (or basements or on their porches). One of the benefits of a clothesline is the not-insubstantial amount of money one would save on their yearly electric bill. The Old Farmers Almanac puts the savings north of 10% of a typical home’s yearly electric bill and estimates that one could save 2,790 KWh or roughly $104 dollars. 

If you string up and then use a line when the weather allows for it you’ll not only get out in nature but prevent heating up your home which causes any air conditioner or central air unit to have to work even harder. It is a lot less likely that you’ll be one of the 2,900 homes a year that catch fire due to fires started by dryers ( source FEMA).

The best part of a clothesline beyond the money you will save, is the benefits to the planet, the lack of chemicals such as alcohol ethoxylates and fatty acids and alcohol from dryer sheets that promise to give you that “fresh air” smell is an activity that can be done with the help of any youngster (child or a grandchild) that is around. Stringing and then using a clothesline as frequently as you can is a great way to think global and act local – that first time you lie down on a crisp air-dried sheet you will not regret it.

Eric Waite

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