Northborough artists participate in Art and Found Day


Northborough artists participate in Art and Found Day
The Sanborn family shared a photo after they found Cheryl Arsenault’s art during the International Art and Found Day. (Photo/Courtesy Cheryl Arsenault)

NORTHBOROUGH – Across the world, local artists placed their art on park benches and at trailheads for community members to find as part of the International Art and Found Day.

“I like to give back,” said artist Lisa Bramhill. “Sometimes somebody finding something that somebody made, it makes them smile.”

According to their website, the International Art and Found began seven years with an artist from Toronto. Now, it takes place across the world on March 12, and hundreds of participating artists drop off their artwork for community members to finds.

This was the first year that Northborough photographer Cheryl Arsenault and Bramhill participated in the day.

Bramhill is a member of an artist community that had talked about the event and encouraged her to participate. She, in turn, told Arsenault about the day.

Arsenault packaged up two 8×10 matted photos and three cards, and added her contact information so that whoever found the package could contact her. Meanwhile, Bramhill left hints on where her art could be found around town, which were located at the 135 park, trailhead of Mount Pisgah and Lincoln Street School.

A family later posted on Arsenault’s Facebook page, sharing that they had found one of her packages and framed her art on their wall.

“It just made me so happy. Seeing them with big smiles on their faces, it just warms your heart. It’s nice to see that you brightened someone’s day like that. It makes you feel good,” Arsenault said.

Bramhill also heard from one of the finders of the art. She received a letter and gift from one of the people who found her art.

“It was totally unexpected,” said Bramhill. “I never expected to get anything, never mind a card and a gift. That made my day.”

Both Bramhill and Arsenault plan on participating again.

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