Sit back, relax, and enjoy spring clean-up by McCarthy’s Landscaping crew


Sit back, relax, and enjoy spring clean-up by McCarthy’s Landscaping crew
Roger and Sue McCarthy own McCarthy’s Landscaping. (Photos/Kathryn Acciari)

WEST BOYLSTON – Roger and Sue McCarthy, owners of McCarthy’s Landscaping, proudly serve the homeowners of the community by saving them time and making their yards beautiful.

“We are a full-service landscaping company. We’ve been in business 28 years, and we do everything,” said Roger. “We can handle every aspect of outdoor living, from yard clean-up to landscaping design and hardscape installations.”

This time of year, of course, the focus is on spring clean-up. Roger and his crew are busy clearing winter debris for their customers. 

“We really enjoy doing what we do. Our customers know our crew, and our customers become part of our family. They love to take photos with our crew members and send us the photos,” said Roger.

Recently, a customer knew that the landscaping crew was on its way, and she put out a breakfast spread for the crew to enjoy. She also hung a sign to thank the team for its hard work.

“This is the kind of thing that our workers will talk about for months,” said Roger. “We have long-term relationships with customers who are dedicated to us because we are committed to giving them great service.”

Having customers as raving fans goes hand-in-hand with employee satisfaction.

“Our employee retention is huge. The average tenure of one of our crew members is nine years. We keep a great core group of employees who take care of our customers,” said Roger. “Our customers trust us because we have proven that we are responsive to their needs.”

Sue added, “We’re big on customer service. Our job is to do a great job for our customers, so they share us with their friends and family.”

Sit back, relax, and enjoy spring clean-up by McCarthy’s Landscaping crew
Roger and Sue McCarthy own McCarthy’s Landscaping. (Photos/Kathryn Acciari)

With regard to trends this year, Roger and Sue continue to see a demand for outdoor kitchens and bars. “People expanded their outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces during pandemic shut-downs. They are still hanging around their houses now that the pandemic has settled down,” said Roger.  

Complementing the outdoor entertaining spaces, Roger and Sue see outdoor lighting becoming increasingly trendy. 

“Lighting adds ambience and mood to an outdoor setting. Much of landscaping lighting is low voltage, and it gives the effect of moonlight. It accents the design of an outdoor living area,” said Roger.

Another trend in outdoor landscaping is the use of veneers, which give the appearance of a stone wall with a much lower cost.

Roger noted, “People are really excited about natural stonework. With the veneers, you can add a stonework effect around a concrete wall or stairway. It’s a look that accentuates patios too.”

Sue noted that the developments in chip technology have changed the way that people interact with their homes’ systems.

“Technology plays a big part in home management. You can order groceries from your refrigerator, and you can control your lawn irrigation system and outdoor lighting with your phone,” said Sue.

“Almost everything is controlled by Wi-Fi these days,” added Roger. “A homeowner has the capability to access interior and exterior systems due to the presence of Wi-Fi.”

But still, spring chores await, and McCarthy’s Landscaping is getting its customers’ yards going for the season.

Roger said, “Our long-term customers know that we’ll get their yards in top shape. We are here for the long haul. We take good care of our customers.”

And once the clean-up is done, Roger and Sue McCarthy’s advice for current and future customers is to take time to enjoy their yards.

“These days, everything moves at a fast pace. People don’t take the time to enjoy things. With spring here, we want to see our customers make time to relax in their outdoor spaces,” said Roger. 

Sue summed it up aptly: “Enjoy time sitting outside. Take a break. Take a breath.”

Visit McCarthy’s Landscaping at or call (508) 842-7110 to schedule your landscaping consultation.

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