Boulay, Thomas to leave Shrewsbury Planning Board


Boulay, Thomas to leave Shrewsbury Planning Board
Steven Boulay (Center) and Joseph Thomas (to right) have announced their plans to leave the Shrewsbury Planning Board. (Photo/Bill Gilman)

SHREWSBURY – At the end of the Planning Board’s April 13 meeting, Chair Steven Boulay and member Joseph Thomas announced that they would not be returning to the board for the upcoming term.  

Boulay will be moving out of Shrewsbury and therefore will no longer be eligible to participate in meetings. Boulay said that this would be his last meeting with the board. 

Thomas, whose term expires on June 30, has asked not to be reappointed to the board. 

Boulay expressed appreciation for his colleagues after his announcement.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of the board members that are present here this evening for all the service, time, and support I’ve gotten over the years that I’ve been working with you,” Boulay said. 

Boulay also thanked town staff and previous planning board members.

“I will miss everyone. I promise I’ll be coming back to visit every once in a while,” he continued. 

Boulay moved to adjourn the meeting, but board members wouldn’t let him leave without recognizing and complimenting him. 

“I’m going to miss you greatly,” Thomas said, “I’ve learned a lot from you; you’ve always done well for the community, [and] you’ve done well for this board. You have – whether it’s the biggest project or the smallest project – you’ve tackled it exactly the same. I give you all the credit in the world, and I wish you the best.”

Other board members echoed Thomas’ sentiment. Timothy Jarry thanked Boulay for his leadership. 

“I think your demeanor in handling these meetings – in particular the last few – has been really admirable. Thank you for your time and service,” he said.

The town of Shrewsbury is now accepting applications to serve on the planning board. Applications are available here.

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