‘Carlos Garcia is Shrewsbury’s past and future’


Letter to the Editor iconCarlos Garcia is Shrewsbury’s past and future; he is a story of hardship, and hard work, personal success, and ensuring the success of others. His impressive collaboration style is based on strong listening skills, equal treatment of others and knowing when to take action. He will be a great addition to the Shrewsbury Select Board.

He grew up in Shrewsbury with his family, moving from an apartment complex to a single family home, working as an employee trainer at Target and being a full time college student while being actively involved in grassroots activism in Shrewsbury and Massachusetts. The thread running through Carlos’s life is his commitment to equal and fair access for all residents, making his hometown a place that everyone can feel welcome, safe, happy and thrive. Carlos gives back to Shrewsbury everyday by his constant devotion to community service with everything from working on numerous campaigns, helping to choose a new police chief, being on the Finance Committee, and demonstrating government transparency by his public town meeting voting record.

Carlos has no personal financial interest in keeping Shrewsbury a great place to live, he does it because he cares about the town and all residents. He looks at how Shrewsbury’s budget and other decisions impact the lives of everyone; the families with children, the small business owners, the elderly living on fixed incomes, the public employees who can’t afford to live here, and those with higher incomes who want more public services and amenities. He quietly listens, asks questions and thinks about how a decision will impact everyone, and how to compromise and find common ground. Carlos understands that the Select Board’s decisions, the needs and wants of Shrewsbury can impact the future and the world; and it must all work within a municipal budget. He understands local governments have a huge impact on the lives of the residents. Please vote for Carlos Garcia for Select Board on Tuesday, May 3, allow him to preserve Shrewsbury’s past and strengthen our future.

Missy Hollenback

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