‘Kindly consider voting for Beth Casavant on May 2nd’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Shrewsbury Voter,

It is a great honor and privilege to endorse Beth Casavant for reelection for the Select Board. As a former Finance Committee member for 10 years, I have witnessed firsthand Beth’s non-partisan, independent voice, and her advocacy for strategic planning for the town. 

She has a proven track record of demonstrating incredibly strong leadership during her tenure on the Board as well as on many other volunteer boards and committees over the years.  I have known Beth for 15 years and her unselfish commitment to improving the Town of Shrewsbury is unwavering.

Beth has the experience, is a solid and respected member of the Select Board. She has proven results and a positive, enthusiastic spirit that fuels her passion for Shrewsbury’s success.  Beth is one of the hardest working people I know and she always makes herself available for discussion on the issues. 

Kindly consider voting for Beth Casavant on May 2nd.

With Gratitude
Bretta M. Karp
Former Shrewsbury Finance Committee Member

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