‘Let’s vote for change and elect Rajesh Uppalapati’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Editor, 

I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my candidate of choice, Raj Uppalapati, who is seeking a seat on the Shrewsbury Select Board. The most pressing issue in Shrewsbury is tax stability. In order to do this, modifications must be made to Shrewsbury’s present growth strategy.

One of Raj’s most interesting proposals for beginning to equalize the commercial to residential tax contribution, which is currently 10% to 90%, would be to build a boardwalk to attract business and tourists. Northing was lost during the pandemic in cities where this was existing; in fact, business thrived. 

Raj would try to limit the construction of new apartments, which would just add to the already overcrowded educational systems and traffic concerns. He feels that the current water situation, particularly in terms of quality and pressure should be corrected before new residential development is permitted, and that a moratorium should be imposed based on water supply and quality. 

Raj works for larger community efforts, as evidenced by his work on a next generation security system for schools, which would reduce deaths due to gun violence that have plagued this country. Raj has demonstrated that he can be relied on to disagree with the established quo and will surely make his views heard through demonstration if required. This was evident in his stance on the Beal Deal.

We can count on Raj to be involved in sustaining Shrewsbury’s wonderful school system for all of the children, including his own lovely daughters.

I am convinced that a new point of view and perhaps new solutions are required. Raj is the type of person who can project his thoughts and then act on them. 

Let’s vote for change and elect Rajesh Uppalapati on May 2nd for Select Board.


Joan Hare

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