Marlborough Police Log, April 28 edition


Marlborough Police Log, April 28 editionMarlborough

Monday, April 10

12:29 a.m. Arrested, Mark C. McCarthy, 28, of 143 E Main St., Northborough, for disorderly conduct.

3:25 a.m. Harrison Pl. Medical.

8:14 a.m. Greenwood St. Medical.

8:56 a.m. Bolton/Union Sts. MVA property damage only.

9:23 a.m. Farm Rd./BPRE. Erratic operator.

1:03 p.m. Holiday Inn/Lakeside Ave.

1:18 p.m. Airport Blvd. Trespassing.

2:04 p.m. The Crossing Condominiums/BPRE. Disturbance.

3:03 p.m. Blue Hill Fuels-Gulf Gas Station/Lakeside Ave. Motor vehicle stop.

4:13 p.m. The North Meadows/Hemenway St. Fraud/forgery.

6:39 p.m. Parking Garage/Newton St. Trespassing.

7:43 p.m. Hampton Inn/BPRW. Fraud/forgery.

9:42 p.m. Design Pak Lofts/Maple St/ B&E into MV.

10:24 p.m. Orchard Apartments/Farmhouse Ln. Harassment.

11:08 p.m. Princeton Green Apartments/Farm Rd. Disturbance.

Tuesday, April 11

1:19 a.m. Main Street Bank/Granger Blvd. Motor vehicle stop.

4:55 a.m. Orchard Apartments/Farmhouse Ln. Medical.

7:09 a.m. South Bolton St. MVA property damage only.

8:56 a.m. West Hill Rd. Suspicious activity.

10:44 a.m. West Main St. Disturbance.

12:19 p.m. Goodwin St. Fraud/forgery.

2:12 p.m. Bolton St./Poirier Dr. MVA property damage only.

2:50 p.m. Robin Dr. Disturbance.

3:09 p.m. Marlborough Hospital/Union St. Disturbance.

3:36 p.m. Maple/South Sts. MVA property damage.

5:11 p.m. Essex St. Fraud/forgery.

5:20 p.m. Garden Remedies/BPRE. Disturbance.

6:12 p.m. Phelps St. Disturbance.

6:42 p.m. Ocean State Job Lot/East Main St. MVA property damage only.

8:36 p.m. Apex Center/BPRW. Disturbance.

9:06 p.m. Orchard Apartments/Farmhouse Ln. Well-being check.

10:54 p.m. Brimsmead St. Medical.

Wednesday, April 12

1:12 a.m. The Heights at Marlborough Apts/Briarwood Ln. Harassment.

8:17 a.m. Dunkin Donuts/BPRE. Disturbance.

8:44 a.m. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream/BPRWE, MVA property damage only.

9:00 a.m. Kane Elementary School/Farm Rd. Suspicious activity.

12:10 p.m. Hosmer St. Suspicious activity.

12:45 p.m. Devens St. Harassment.

1:21 p.m. Hampton Inn/BPRW. MVA property damage only.

2:06 p.m. Main St. Suspicious activity.

4:18 p.m. West Main St. Disturbance.

5:05 p.m. Laviolette St. Disturbance.

5:29 p.m. Home Depot/BPRE. Larceny.

5:38 p.m. Elm St./Locke Dr. MVA property damage only.

6:58 p.m. Jaworek Elementary School/Hosmer St. Threats.

6:58 p.m. Ringold St. Suspicious activity.

7:17 p.m. St. Mary’s Credit Union/West Main St. Fraud/forgery.

8:02 p.m. Fairmount St. Disturbance.

9:13 p.m. Robin Dr. Disturbance.

9:17 p.m. Liberty St. Suspicious activity.

11:50 p.m. Royal Crest Apartments/Royal Crest Dr. Suspicious activity.

Thursday, April 13

12:59 a.m. Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel/BPRW. Suspicious MV.

1:10 a.m. Hannaford Super Market/BPRW. Suspicious MV.

2:13 a.m. Ward Park/Orchard St. Suspicious MV.

3:38 a.m. Gay St. Well-being check.

7:23 a.m. Vacant Building (formerly Halfway Café)/BPRE. MVA property damage only.

7:51 a.m. Farm Rd./Phelps St. MVA property damage only.

8:07 a.m. South St. Harassment.

11:22 a.m. Alliance Health at Marie Esther (St Anne)/BPRE. Larceny.

12:34 p.m. Hudson St. Suspicious activity.

12:37 p.m. Peters Ave. Animal complaint.

12:44 p.m. Mechanic/Lincoln Sts. Trespassing.

2:33 p.m. The Heights at Marlborough Apts/Briarwood Ln. Harassment.

3:19 p.m. Whitcomb School/Union St. Suspicious activity.

3:20 p.m. Whitcomb School/Union St. Assault.

4:44 p.m. Home Depot/BPRE. MVA property damage only.

5:38 p.m. Scrub A Dub Auto Wash/Maple St. Disturbance.

5:41 p.m. Whitcomb School/Union St. Suspicious activity.

6:23 p.m. Langelier Ln. Disturbance.

8:14 p.m. Chandler St. Auto theft.

8:36 p.m. Ringold St. Disturbance.

9:16 p.m. Howland St. Disturbance.

9:52 p.m. The Heights at Marlborough Apts/Briarwood Ln. Disturbance.

10:55 p.m. Highland St. Disturbance.

11:03 p.m. The Reservoir Center Health Care/Bolton St. Medical.

Friday, April 14

1:36 a.m. Courtyard by Marriott/Felton St. Suspicious MV.

3:48 a.m. Ash St. Disturbance.

3:57 a.m. Clover Hill St. Disturbance.

7:20 a.m. Brasileirinho Mini Market and Restaurant/BPRE. MVA property damage only.

7:48 a.m. Framingham/Farm Rds. Suspicious activity.

8:29 a.m. Avidia Savings Bank/Maple St. Suspicious activity.

9:11 a.m. Arrested, Jason Stuart Rennie, 44, of 8 Mustang Ave., Marlborough, for assault, vandalize property, disturbing the peace.

10:30 a.m. Lincoln/Gibbons Sts. Harassment.

11:50 a.m. Stevens St. MVA property damage only.

2:01 p.m. Modern Guest House/Cotting Ave. Medical.

2:52 p.m. Broad St. B&E into MV.

3:54 p.m. Evelina Dr. Fraud/forgery.

4:26 p.m. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals/Waterford Dr. Trespassing.

5:25 p.m. West Main St. Auto theft.

5:43 p.m. Short St. Harassment.

6:04 p.m. The Retreat at Marlborough Apts/Austen Way. Auto theft.

7:34 p.m. Chandler St. Vandalism.

9:47 p.m. Greenwood St. Disturbance.

10:03 p.m. Howland St. Larceny.

10:40 p.m. Marien Ln. Suspicious activity.

10:59 p.m. Countryside Village/BPRE. Disturbance.

11:21 p.m. Apex Dr. Disturbance.

Saturday, April 15

1:32 a.m. Newton St. Disturbance.

1:38 a.m. McEnelly St. Erratic operator.

1:46 a.m. West Main St. Suspicious activity.

3:15 a.m. Arrested, Luis Geovanni Chay, 30, of 15 Redbud Way, Apt. 34, Marlborough, for OUI-liquor or .08%, op MV with license suspended, marked lanes violation.

4:05 a.m. Bolton Street Tavern/Bolton St. Suspicious MV.

9:04 a.m. Prendeville Way. Animal complaint.

9:49 a.m. Concord Rd. Disturbance.

10:54 a.m. The Heights at Marlborough Apts/Briarwood Ln.

11:19 a.m. Westminster St. Medical.

11:29 a.m. Hosmer St. MVA with injuries.

11:54 a.m. Ashley Ln. Medical.

12:01 p.m. Ash St. MVA with injuries.

1:44 p.m. Vega Rd. Disturbance.

1:48 p.m. McDonald Hotel/Main St. Larceny.

2:20 p.m. Fairmount St. Fraud/forgery.

2:48 p.m. Lakeshore Dr. Erratic operator.

3:49 p.m. The Meadows at Marlborough/Broadmeadow Rd. Disturbance.

4:17 p.m. Newton Street Parking Garage/Newton St. Larceny.

5:04 p.m. Dicenzo Blvd./BPRE. Motor vehicle stop.

5:58 p.m. Middle St. Fraud/forgery.

6:19 p.m. Whitcomb School/Union St. Medical.

7:50 p.m. Farm Rd./BPRE. MVA property damage only.

7:53 p.m. Auto Zone/East Main St. Auto theft.

8:13 p.m. Elm St. Disturbance.

8:17 p.m. Apex Dr. Disturbance.

9:25 p.m. Applebriar Ln. Suspicious activity.

9:31 p.m. Essex St. Animal complaint.

9:58 p.m. Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel/BPRW. Disturbance.

10:28 p.m. Ringold St. Disturbance.

10:38 p.m. Apex Entertainment (Main Site)/Apex Dr. Suspicious activity.

11:41 p.m. Countryside Village/BPRE. MVA property damage only.

Sunday, April 16

12:21 a.m. Howe St. Disturbance.

1:05 a.m. Elm St. Disturbance.

1:25 a.m. Royal Crest Apartments/Royal Crest Dr. Disturbance.

1:56 a.m. Washington St. Suspicious activity.

2:12 a.m. Embassy Suites Hotel/BPRW. Disturbance.

8:07 a.m. Seasonal Services Inc./Gleason Street Ext. Medical.

8:30 a.m. Marlborough Hills Health Care/Northboro Road East. Disturbance.

10:39 a.m. The Meadows at Marlborough/Broadmeadow Rd. MVA property damage only.

10:42 a.m. The Branches at Marlborough/Bolton St. Medical.

11:21 a.m. Winski Mobile Home Park/BPRE. Disturbance.

12:23 p.m. Immaculate Conception Church/Prospect St. MVA property damage only.

1:14 p.m. Stone Gate Apartments/Silver Leaf Way. Medical.

1:30 p.m. Savers (formerly Monnick Supply)/East Main St. MVA property damage only.

1:59 p.m. Marlborough Post Office/Florence St. Suspicious MV.

2:14 p.m. Symphony Rd. Threats.

2:57 p.m. Kane Elementary School/Farm Rd. Well-being check.

4:32 p.m. Maple St. Fraud/forgery.

6:31 p.m. Granger Blvd./South Bolton St. Motor vehicle stop.

8:17 p.m. Schofield Dr. Disturbance.

8:50 p.m. McDonald’s Restaurant/Maple St. MVA property damage only.

9:06 p.m. CVS Pharmacy/East Main St. Disturbance.

The information from the police log is obtained directly from the official records maintained at each police station in our circulation area. It contains arrests and samplings of police activity. Those arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The Community Advocate will publish news of acquittals upon notification and a copy of court-issued documentation.

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