‘Our town needs leaders like Carlos on the forefront’


Letter to the Editor iconCarlos Garcia is running for the Shrewsbury Select Board this coming May 2nd and has my wholehearted support. I have known Carlos for many years now and have witnessed his growth in both caliber and dedication to serve the town. As a fellow member of the Town’s Finance Committee, I have had the pleasure of seeing him at work as he painstakingly served the community in a selfless and passionate manner. His intelligence and deep-rooted knowledge of our towns government and budgetary process, makes him a stellar candidate for the Select Board. He also possesses a deep pool of energy which enables him to effectively have one-pointed concentration, as he addresses issues pertaining to his role on the committee. 

Carlos represents a new generation of committed individuals of diverse background and experience. He has paid his dues as a grassroots level volunteer on the forefront of community issues, who has grown into a leader who listens patiently to various viewpoints and perspectives, prior to making educated and well-informed decisions. As a Town Meeting Member, he has participated as a municipal legislator and has accumulated intrinsic knowledge of the process, which will help him deliver at the executive level.

Last of all, Carlos has a human story. His compassion and humility stems from his experiences as the son of a single mom, who moved to this town with a dream. Great leaders are forged in the fire of such struggles as they climb the ladder of self-introspection and community involvement. Carlos in one such leader. I am excited for Carlos and his continuing journey, on which he is just getting started. Please join me in voting for him on May 2nd, 2023. Our town needs leaders like Carlos on the forefront. All we need to do is enable him with the opportunity.

Best Regards
Vikram Chhabra

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