‘When Carlos said yes to participating, he showed up everytime’


Letter to the Editor iconFor me the personal attributes defining Carlos Garcia, and essential traits to bring to the board, are his integrity, dependability, discipline, compassion, pragmatism and his fervent desire to facilitate community at all levels of living. 

I believe Carlos developed compassion at the early age of 5 years old by observing his single mother with cancer being able to secure a Section 8 voucher and all of the sacrifices which that entailed. She has since gone on to have her own small business as a home daycare provider! 

Carlos acquired his pragmatism, in my opinion, by making the most of his Shrewsbury Public School education, by graduating from Assumption College, by being elected to Town Meeting as a Sophomore in college and by being appointed to the Finance Committee and now serving as Vice Chair. 

In the interest of transparency and pragmatism, Carlos has posted his Town Meeting voting record and he is the first and only one to do so! 

I have worked closely with Carlos on practical endeavors for the town during which his dependability and discipline were on constant display. When Carlos said yes to participating, he showed up everytime!

My respect and admiration for Carlos’s work ethic and his quiet comprehensive listening, knows no bounds. Electing Carlos will provide the Select Board with a member dedicated to creating an atmosphere of collaboration and community coupled with a background of knowing what it takes to do so.

Nancy L. Woron

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