Hometown Heroes banner program expands in Westborough


Hometown Heroes banner program expands in Westborough
The town’s Veterans Advisory Board has expanded its Hometown Heroes banner program. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – The Westborough Hometown Heroes Banner program, launched on Memorial Day 2022 by the Westborough Veterans Advisory Board, displayed more than 90 veterans’ images on poles throughout downtown Westborough, filling display space to capacity. 

All available spaces were utilized then and, with additional interest, the board worked with the town manager, the Veterans Services Office and the Department of Public Works director to find additional space. A plan was developed to install more brackets on the downtown poles to accommodate additional banners. The new brackets are expected to be in place before Memorial Day.

All Westborough veterans, present or past, are invited and encouraged to become part of this townwide honor and recognition. Forms are available on the town website at https://www.town.westborough.ma.us/veterans-advisory-board/pages/hometown-heroes-program or at the Veterans Service Office in Town Hall. 

Eligible veterans are urged to become part of this program proudly displaying the images and service dates of veterans who proudly served this country.

Many kind and encouraging comments have been written and heard following the initial display of the banners. Many requests have been received and logged from other veterans and family members wanting to become or have a relative become part of this program. 

The Hometown Heroes Program brings recognition and appreciation to town leaders and residents for providing this opportunity to provide recognition for the service of its veterans.

For more information, or to obtain forms, contact the Veterans Advisory Board at Westborough Town Hall, call the VSO at 774-293-2208 or Paul Horrigan at 508-330-7347.


Westborough Hometown Heroes banner program moves forward

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