Hudson Candidate Statement – Light Board – Lawrence Fine


Hudson Candidate Statement – Light Board – Lawrence Fine
Lawrence Fine

Please provide a brief biographical background on yourself. What should voters know about you?

Born 11/2/44 in Brookline Massachusetts, attended Edward Devotion Elementary and graduated Brookline High School class of 62. Enlisted in USAF June 62, honorable discharge June 66. Member of B-52 ground crew while stationed at Loring AFB from late 62 till discharge date. Work history – various jobs including laborer, production machine operator, clam digger, bay fishing fleet worker, estate caretaker, building contractor, independent moving company owner operator. Senior Exhibit Maintenance Technician at the Museum of Science 1990s – 1999. Consultant, Designer and Fabricator at Technofrolics 1999 – 2005. Independent Consultant, Designer, Fabricator, Machine Shop Owner Operator 2005 – present. Multi instrumentalist, Musician, Songwriter. Green / Sustainability advocate. Maintain a small organic garden at my house in Hudson. Hudson Resident since 2005. Current member of Hudson Cultural Council and getting involved with the Hudson Armory project.

Why are you running?

To have a PLATFORM for ideas I’d like to be CONSIDERED by the Board and Citizens of Hudson. They’re rooted in HL&Ps continuing to provide excellent service and cost per kwh. AND the striving for a “Sustainable, Green FUTURE.” ( A non binding referendum that received overwhelming support in Hudson, Stow, Maynard and Bolton residents that voted FOR this a few cycles ago. That was the result of getting it on the ballot and actually gathering ALL the signatures required to do that!)

This is simply a “POLL” to see what kind of support the visions shared below get.

What are the three biggest issues facing the Light Board?

Consider having a VOTING representative from Stow on the Board. HL&P is Stows Electricity provider and considering, should have some say.

Consider incentives for MICRO PRODUCING power in Hudson and Stow. Both privately and by HL&P increasing our solar potentials and becoming more of a PROVIDER. Also, consider fee schedules that appreciate DEMAND period production and PAY the provider a premium for that peak power production. Also consider that everybody connected needs to share the cost of administration and maintenance.

Consider alternative and “unique” technologies including PUMPED HYDRO. There may be areas in Hudson and Stow that are appropriate for micro / mid scale systems. This is about as clean and efficient energy storage system available. The idea is to pump water “uphill” when energy is cheap / plentiful and reclaim most of that energy during peak demands.

If elected, what would you do to address these issues?

Share my ideas, visions and concerns with the people of Hudson and Stow in hope that they would receive support and that the Light and Power Board will continue to implement “popular mandates” of the people.

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