Hudson Candidate Statement – School Committee – Nick Martino


Hudson Candidate Statement – School Committee – Nick Martino
Nick Martino

Please provide a brief biographical background on yourself. What should voters know about you?

My name is Nicholas (Nick) Martino and I have been a Hudson resident for 2 years. I grew up in a suburb of New York City and first came to Massachusetts to study music education at UMass Lowell. After graduating in 2004, my wife and I moved to New York City where I worked as a performing musician and pursued a master’s degree at Hofstra University. Our daughter was born in NYC and a few years later, we returned to Massachusetts to be closer to family. We had our eyes on Hudson even before moving, and after a short delay due to Covid, we finally settled in Hudson in 2021. I am the proud father of a 2nd grade Farley Fox and couldn’t be happier living in this wonderful community. I currently serve as a trustee for my condo HOA and spend my spare time volunteering at and running races.

Why are you running?

My family and I proactively chose to relocate to Hudson because we saw so many great things about this town and the people who live here, most notably the schools. I see the potential this community has and what we can do by encouraging and building upon the already great things happening in the schools. In the time I’ve lived in Hudson, I’ve experienced musicals, band concerts, performed with students at Memorial Day, and joined with other parents and community members during the superintendent search meet and greet and committee meetings.

I see opportunity in the great strides Hudson is making, and I believe I can bring a constructive perspective to the table that all the students in our schools, including my daughter, will benefit from. I believe the purpose of this committee is to support and nurture the current as well as upcoming generations.

There has been discussion about a “budget cliff” for the school budget in 2025. If elected, what steps should the schools take to brace for this?

The Hudson schools and community need to prepare for some tough discussions as the ESSER funds come to an end. While the worst of Covid seems to be behind us, the waves are still being felt. I believe in a bottom-up approach to see what the needs of the students, teachers and staff of the schools are, and what they might be able to do without. I also believe that if we can show the community the amazing things that are currently happening in the schools, we will succeed in asking for their support when we need it.

Supporting English Language Learners (ELL) students was a topic of conversation during recent superintendent interviews. What can the district do to support this group of students?

When I think about our ELL students, I often think how isolating it must feel to a student with little or no grasp of English as a language. I see this as an opportunity to support a group of students with resources and careful planning to improve and enrich their experience in our schools. Having bilingual staff members, and/or those who may have experienced what our students are going through, to support these students can give reassurance that they are not alone, and that all students, regardless of their first language, are important to the Hudson community. The dual language program currently in place demonstrates that our community values communication. It is an opportunity to connect and learn together and should be evaluated and built upon.

What are the three biggest issues facing Hudson schools? 

We can address the biggest challenges that face the schools by focusing on these 3 ideas: Students- Maintaining a student centered approach where every decision is determined with this question in mind– “what’s best for the students?”. Keeping this at the root of our conversation will keep the focus on the reason this body exists…the students.

Equity- Students and families of color are a growing part of our community and valuable members of Hudson schools. By consistently inviting them into the conversation, we only benefit from the wider array of perspectives and experiences. We need to continue celebrating and prioritizing Equity as it is imperative for our students so that they feel empowered to have the best learning experience they can have.

Community- With the challenges ahead, it is crucial to show Hudson the amazing things it has to offer. Support, trust, and investing in the school system is the most effective way to raise the tide for the entire community, because the future returns we will see when we do are immense.

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