Northborough Candidate Statement – Town Moderator – Joanne Stocklin


Northborough Candidate Statement – Town Moderator – Joanne Stocklin
Joanne Stocklin

Please provide a brief biographical background on yourself. What should voters know about you? 

As a Northborough resident for 24 years, many people know me first as a friend and neighbor.  Additionally, being active in the Zeh School PTO, St. Rose’s Pre-School Co-op, the organized sports teams our sons played on as well as being Chair of the Newcomer’s Club has given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with many other people in

Professionally, my career is in education, originally as a teacher, and for the most recent 19 years as a principal. I have a BS from the University of Maryland and an MS in Leadership and Management.  My experience in attending, presenting, and chairing meetings has helped me realize the importance of a clear agenda and a culture of comfortability. I believe that citizens are our greatest resource and perhaps my interest in serving as your moderator might encourage others to become more involved in local government.

It has been a while since a new face has come forward for this seat, may I have your vote?

Why are you running?

I am seeking the office of Moderator to serve Northborough in a capacity that allows me to provide a non-partisan lens to town governing.  My highest priority will be to utilize my professional experience in management and leadership pairing it with my commitment to creating a positive and inclusive town meeting environment for all who participate.

My overarching goal is to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the articles and an equal opportunity to fairly discuss them before making a decision.

Any appointments I grant while holding the office of the Moderator will be transparent, thoughtful, and equitable for all interested parties.  Any citizen who seeks an appointment for finance or appropriations will be acknowledged and thanked for their interest in becoming involved in the betterment of the community.

I also hope to encourage others to become more involved in local government.

Discuss the balance of allowing all voices be heard at Town Meeting and the practicality of running an efficient meeting. 

Town Meeting is the purest form of government.  The citizens are entrusted with deciding on what money is spent, how it is spent, and which laws they chose to govern themselves by.  The practicality of running an efficient meeting should not overshadow the importance of giving the opportunity for the citizens to speak their minds and have their questions answered.

What skills do you bring to the role of Town Moderator?

The role of Moderator is more than overseeing the Annual Town Meetings or Special Town Meetings, it also includes appointments to the Finance and Appropriation Committees, as well as working with the Town Administrator.  My extensive career in education and administration gives me ample tools to avail myself of and I look forward to offering
my expertise and moderating experience to the voters of Northborough on May 9th.

How can a Town Meeting attendee benefit from an effective moderator?

Presenting town meeting articles in an articulate way, encouraging concise presentations with discourse opportunities for the citizens, overseeing vote tallies quickly and accurately and moderating the temperament of the participants are just a part of the position. Introducing new methods of meeting attendance and vote collection will help to include more citizens to participate in Town Meeting Government.

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