‘[Voters] will have the chance to vote for Scott once again’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Editor,

Nine years ago I and several other then present and former Town Officials signed a letter endorsing Scott Duplisea in his campaign for a seat on the Hudson Select Board. I signed that letter because I believed at the time that Scott was the best candidate to promote progress in Hudson while maintaining a balanced, collaborative, and creative approach to the town’s governance.

Looking at how the Town has prospered over those nine years, I feel certain that my belief at the time was well founded. Critical improvements have been made to the Town’s infrastructure, management of the Town’s workforce has been civil and harmonious, and the transformation of the downtown commercial district has been nothing short of miraculous. As an early supporter of the downtown Business Improvement District, and with his extensive experience and knowledge, Scott is the perfect representative of the Town government to sit on the district’s Board of Directors; a seat he occupies today.

On May 8 the voters of Hudson will have the chance to vote for Scott once again. This is an opportunity to continue the progress that Scott and his fellow Board members have made so that Hudson’s future is every bit as productive as the last nine years have been.

Paul Blazar
Former Executive Assistant

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