‘I urge Northborough residents to vote for Fred on May 9th’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor:

Within Northborough, Fred George has served in multiple roles, but most residents know him in his current incarnation as Town Moderator. Despite those who think the Moderator merely “chairs a meeting,” Fred has demonstrated the full range of duties that extend beyond the single night (or most years, multiple nights) of Town Meeting and the appointments he has made to critical municipal positions. He has served as a coordinating force between multiple boards, committees, and commissions; and operates as a mentor to committee members within Northborough. Across the Commonwealth, Fred has shared his expertise through the Massachusetts Moderators Association, helping other Moderators be successful as well. With Fred George, we have a candidate with established experience and expertise. I urge Northborough residents to vote for Fred on May 9th.

T. Scott Rogers

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