‘[Let’s] go to the polls and re-elect Fred George’


Letter to the Editor iconMy name is Joann Sharp and I have been a resident of Northborough for 52 yrs. We brought up our 4 daughters here and they all graduated from Algonquin Regional High School… We have always been supporters of businesses and the educational system. In all of that time I have never felt more compelled to submit a letter to the editor until today. Fred George is running for re-election as our Town Moderator… He has served this community with integrity, knowledge and dedication. He has the experience and skill set necessary to be an effective Town Moderator.  Mr. George has an opponent, Joanne Stocklin who has resided in this community for about 23 years and in all of those years according to official town records never show her attending a Town Meeting. So, please on Tuesday, May 9th, let’s go to the polls and re-elect Fred George, our Town Moderator… 

Thank you…
Joann Sharp

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