Re-elect Fred George Northborough Town Moderator


Letter to the Editor iconI have known Frederick George for 20 years and have supported his prior efforts running for Town Moderator. In my opinion, Fred has consistently done a fantastic job for our town.

The Moderator plays an important role in the overall town governance and is responsible for assisting in the planning of the annual town meeting, the posting of the warrant items, conducting the meeting, managing the questions and answers, motions, amendments and overseeing the actual voting process.

Depending on the scope of the warrant articles, questions and responses thereto, the annual town meeting can either be a very smooth process or a roller coaster event.  Keeping to the agenda, fielding questions and responses and getting to a majority vote are challenging. When it comes to this, Fred George is a pro, an adaptive and effective meeting facilitator.

The Moderator is also responsible for appointing members to key boards and committees.  These include, but are not limited to the: Appropriations Committee, Earthworks Board, Financial Planning Committee, Municipal Code & Bylaws Committee and the Personnel Board. 

Fred brings considerable integrity, uncommon skills and years of experience to this elected position.  

Fred is also member of the Massachusetts Moderators Association and frequently interacts with his counterparts from other towns on evolving issues of Massachusetts laws, town meeting preparation requirements, meeting conduct/rules of order and the conduct of post-meeting reviews.

Our town is evolving: we face challenges from the turnover of elected town officials, the appointing of a new Town Administrator, the tax impacts from forthcoming large capital projects, the diminishing economic development and macro-economic events beyond our control.  

Change can be good…but not just for the sake of change.

The future, newly-elected people that will inherit the reins in our town will have challenges and fiduciary responsibilities to the town and its people.  They will need to effectively manage the town’s resources and need a trusted advisor to help guide them.

Northborough needs the continuity and trusted counsel of an experienced Moderator.  Fred George is that person. 

Re-elect Fred as Town Moderator. 

John Rapa

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