Rimkus: Arizona adventure for spring break


Rimkus: Arizona adventure for spring breakHUDSON – Back from two weeks in sunny Tucson, Arizona with hostesses, our daughter Julie, and her spouse, Camille. April is the perfect month for visiting, and we made the most of it. 

First on my “bucket list” was to find the Sam Hughes Historic District in Tucson, and the original Sam Hughes house on the National Register of  Historic Places. I read about the house in “Arizona” magazine, and it was occupied by “Arizona” photographers Chuck Abbott and Esther Henderson and their sons from 1950-1959 and inherited by the current owners in 2003.  The area was first developed in the 1920s by Hughes, a Welsh immigrant. 

After making several right turns in the district, and advice from a local mailman, there it was, an old, but handsome, adobe house with a long, shady front porch, built in the mid-1940s and bearing the Historic Places bronze plaque. After we drove into the driveway, behind the resident car, a young woman came out to invite us to take pictures.  Noting we were parked behind her car, she noted she would be leaving in ten minutes to pick up her daughter. It seemed she was accustomed to unexpected tourists. Built of burnt adobe blocks in Mexican ranch style, the house is being upgraded by its current owners, within historic guidelines.

The Tucson International Mariachi Conference was in full swing in downtown Tucson, and we enjoyed the music of  competing high school mariachi bands from throughout the western states. In the outdoor setting, each band outdid the next, with the staccato sounds of stomping feet, music of guitars, trumpets, harps and outstanding soloists, often joined by the large audience of proud family members, many of Mexican descent. 

A 27-mile ride from Tucson to the top of Mt. Lemmon held many surprises for me, including campgrounds, fully occupied at 7,000 feet up and at 9,000 feet a real village, with newly-built cabins, gift shop, restaurant with a crowded parking lot, and crews of  workmen constructing a three-story hotel! Noted it was a cool 60 degrees atop Mt. Lemmon, in contrast to the high 80s down below.

Mass at nearby St. Cyrene of Alexandria Church was said by a Carmelite priest, reminding us to “act on our faith.” Greeting us after Mass, he informed us he was from California, but had Mexican roots on his grandmother’s side. We were seeking a church bulletin, but he said they were no longer printed, only available on-line, as a cost-cutter.

Enjoyed Sunday brunch with six other women, friends of my hostesses, at “La Cochina,” colorful, Mexican-style restaurant in mid-town Tucson, and heard stories of world-wide travel, and what brought them to Arizona. Near our table, a young man with interesting tattoos was playing “Eagles” tunes on guitar and saxophone. 

At “Bookman’s,” a huge bookstore with used and new books of every flavor, we picked up bargain books for lazy days. At the Tucson Tennis Club, I was able to “water-walk” in the pool while Julie did laps in the swim lanes. Another day at the pool I continued to attack the New York Times Sunday puzzle, with little luck. At my hostesses’ adobe style home, watched a steady parade of  birds empty their bird feeders, read on their expansive front porch, enjoyed nutritious meals, witnessed the training of  “Mia” their 3-month old black Labrador puppy, watched the Arizona Suns basketball team on TV (their favorite) and the Boston Celtics (their second favorite), enjoyed the cool mornings (in the 50s) and the moderate afternoons (the high 80s).  All flights on American Airlines were comfortable, with wheelchairs provided, and my Rollator safely making the trip. 

So grateful to my hostesses for my “Spring Break” vacation!

May 6 – John DiFonzo, Debbie Craig, Dan Pelling and Patty Coffey
May 8 – C.J Ahearn, John Crossman, Rachel Ferguson and Jackson Fecteau
May 9 – Terry Moran, Michael Chaves, Cathy Brooks, Peggy Desrosiers, Anne DiLauro, Amanda Kulik, Katelyn Monaghan and Sydney Sullivan
May 10 – Meaghan Sleeper and Richard Cotton
May 11 – Marsha Beals, Amanda Wallace, Adam Conley and Lily Makeswaran
May 12 – Alex Daley, Jason Roach and Melissa Caissie
May 13 – Kayla Cormier, Jack Mullahy and Armyman Andre Filippi
May 14 – Janet Lyman
May 15 – Kelly Albino, Kimberly Banks, Ryan Rendano, Brendan Daley, Linda Shea and Marianne Saluk
May 16 – Danielle Woodard, Bill Carnes, Samantha Chaves, Lily Starner and Kyle Parker
May 17 – Collin Roberto, Jackie Coolidge, Matthew Bonica, Debbie Janusis, Marissa Crue and Mike Walling
May 18 – Melissa “Lis” Rock, John Sanford, Dan Bumbarger and Nancy McAuliffe
May 19 – Linda Boudreau, Dean and David Napolitano.

May 5 – Michael and Mary Walling, Dennis and Pam Sherman
May 7 – Brendan and Lynn Micciche
May 15 – Tom and Linda Bowen, John and Rachel Duffey, Rob and Sue Bowen
May 16 – Chuck and Chris Searles, Brian and Heidi Rogers
May 19 – Mike and Kathy Megna 


Hudson photographer Joseph Lapine was presented with a plaque by Anthony Kurgan at the 25th anniversary banquet of  Co. B. 110th Armored Co., in appreciation of his publicity for the unit. Pat O’Donnell, director of  the Hudson Boys Club for the past four years, accepted a position with Stoneham Boys Club. “Doc” Daugherty was the new director.

Joanne Marques was named to the dean’s list at Salem State College. Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Tower St. announced manufacturing would soon be terminated at its Hudson plant.

Hudson Patrolman Andrew O’Connell presented drug detection kits to Hudson druggists Adam Wolkovich, Peter Haritos, Everett Parmenter, Will Kirkpatrick and Cliff Blais.

Send items for Hudson Happ’nings to 18 Cottage St., Hudson MA 01749 or email [email protected].

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