Ransford Pest Control service manager celebrates 25 years


Ransford Pest Control service manager celebrates 25 years
Benjamin Gianakos II

SHREWSBURY – Benjamin Gianakos II is celebrating 25 years at Ransford Pest Control.

Gianakos who is the Service Manager, supervising the entire technician team at Ransford, started in May of 1998. His employment was recommended by his father, Ben Gianakos Sr., who has now been working at Ransford for over 40 years.

Ransford has been incredibly lucky to have had the benefits of decades of experience and hard work from the Gianakos family.

Gianakos advises all customers, both residential and commercial, on controlling a variety of pests.

“Communication and cooperation are imperative for successful pest control,” he said. “We work together with our customers as a team; we thoroughly inspect, provide detailed reports and advise them on changes they can make to help us achieve the goal of a pest-free home or business.”

Gianakos continued, “Sometimes little things can make a big difference, moving a bird feeder, adding weather stripping or replacing the seal of a garage door. This collaboration with the customer, along with our pest treatments ensure a successful outcome.”

Gianakos noted a recent report from the CDC on the rise of tick-borne diseases in the Northeast. Ransford has had a busy spring season with tick and mosquito treatments.

“It’s beneficial to start tick and mosquito treatments early in the spring,” said Gianakos. “This ensures the best control for the summer months.”

Gianakos also noted “ A common problem in the early spring is misidentifying small, winged insects seen in or around the home. Quite often homeowners are seeing swarming termites, and this is evidence of subterranean termites in or around the home structure.”

Ransford uses a superior termite product to eliminate this problem around your home.

Contact Ransford Pest Control at 508-756-5197 or ransfordpc.com for your pest control needs.

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