Grafton Candidate Statement – Select Board – Colleen Roy (Incumbent)


Grafton Candidate Statement – Select Board – Colleen Roy (Incumbent)
Colleen Roy

Please provide a brief biographical background on yourself. What should voters know about you?

My name is Colleen Roy and I am the current Chair of the Grafton Select Board seeking re-election. Serving my community was instilled in me at a young age. Growing up, I watched my father serve on countless boards and committees, which he continues to do today. My husband and I have two wonderful children who are gaining the same experience I had, watching me attend multiple meetings weekly. In this Zoom-era where remote meetings have been the norm, my children have even been able to make a few cameos! More importantly, they are learning the value of community service. I want the residents of Grafton to know that I am truly passionate about our town. I have spent the last three years helping to elevate the level of professionalism and efficiency on the Board through constructive and respectful dialog. I hope to continue this work for another three years.

Why are you running?

I am asking for your vote to continue the positive and professional manner the board is currently operating at. The Select Board has experienced turn over for a number of years due to members not wanting to serve more than one term. I believe my serving a second term will help provide the stability and institutional knowledge needed to achieve the goals set in recent years. One of those goals is strengthening the relationship between the Select Board and Grafton’s first strong Fire Chief. I have been a fierce advocate for the fire department ensuring the proper provisions were adopted to guarantee a strong Fire Chief in Grafton. Navigating these new waters and shaping what this partnership will look like for years to come is just one of the things I look forward to working on in my next term.

What are the three biggest issues facing Grafton?

The biggest issues facing Grafton change depending on who you ask. There are residents concerned about the conditions of our roads, specifically George Hill Road. There are residents concerned about the Grafton-Upton Railroad. There are residents concerned about ongoing development in town. There are residents concerned about the budget and the impact it has on their taxes. The list goes on to include the schools, climate change, diversity equity & inclusion, economic development, even pickleball. There is truly an endless list of issues Grafton is facing at any given time. As a member of the Select Board, I understand the importance of giving each issue the same level of care and consideration because each issue is the biggest issue to someone in town and everyone should feel represented and heard.

If elected, what would you do to address these issues?

If elected I would continue to do what I have done for the last three years and dedicate countless hours each week to Grafton, researching each and every issue. I will continue to come prepared to have a meaningful discussion during our meetings. I will work to continue holding topic-specific outreach meetings, as well as the Select Board Ask Me Anything events to make sure no issue is being overlooked.

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