Shrewsbury establishes tricentennial celebration fund


Shrewsbury establishes tricentennial celebration fund
Shrewsbury’s Town Hall stands within the town’s municipal campus off Maple Street. Town Meeting is underway. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SHREWSBURY – At the annual Town Meeting on May 15, community members voted to establish the town’s 300th Centennial Celebration Fund. The town will officially turn 300 years old in 2027. 

Town Meeting members approved Article 2, which set up the celebration fund to “reciev[e] and inves[t] such sums as may be appropriated by the Town of Shrewsbury, any and all sums received by way of income from the sale of commemorative items, and any and all sum from admission charges for commemorative ceremonies or events.”

While previewing the warrant articles for Shrewsbury Media Connection (SMC), Town Manager Kevin Mizikar noted that the Select Board will likely establish a committee to manage the fund. 

The Finance Committee recommended the article, and the article passed at Town Meeting.

Town Meeting is live on SMC at

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