Trombetta’s seeks special permit for contractors’ yard


Trombetta’s seeks special permit for contractors’ yard
Trombetta’s Farm is seeking a special permit for a landscapers’ and contractors’ yard on part of its property. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

MARLBOROUGH – To most, Trombetta’s Farm at 655 Farm Road is a place to get some ice cream and flowers.

For others, it’s a place for contractors to store supplies and vehicles.

Although part of the site has been used as a landscapers’ and contractors’ yard for years, the Trombetta family wants to bring the site into compliance with the city’s zoning bylaws.

To that end, Connorstone Engineering has applied for a special permit on behalf of Trombetta Family Limited Partnership.

The front portion of the property is mixed use, with a seasonal farm stand, mini-golf and an ice cream shop. The back portion is where the yard is located.

Plans call for additional mitigation on the south side of the property; landscaping will screen the yard from adjacent residences along Broadmeadow Street.

Following concerns from the Fire Department, Trombetta’s will organize the area. Each area would have its own trailer with a number on it so it is clear who it belongs to, and it would have the ability to regulate what is inside the trailers through the lease agreements.

Contractors using the yard will not be allowed to keep any pesticides, chemicals, fuels, or anything that could be a hazardous material.

Hours of operation would be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays; there may be some off hours to allow tenants to access snow-removal equipment and supplies during the winter.

Tenants would not be allowed to repair vehicles and maintenance within the yard.

Tenants using the contractors’ yard would come in through the southern entrance.

During a public hearing on March 27, the City Council discussed the site plan and heard from several residents who spoke in favor of the plans.

During the Urban Affairs Committee meeting on May 1, the permit was further refined with input from the city’s conservation agent and other municipal departments.

Urban Affairs voted to send the amended permit to the city’s solicitor and have it ready for a future City Council meeting.

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