Patel to become schools’ new finance director


Patel to become schools’ new finance director
Westborough High School is located off West Main St.
(Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – The school system did not have to go far to find a replacement for David Gordon.

The new director of finance and administration will be Anita Patel, who is the current director of finance for Grafton Public Schools.

She will come on board in early July.

Superintendent Amber Bock said she will bring Patel around to meet the staff and School Committee soon.

Patel, who just moved to Westborough, is part of a series of hires either made, or about to be made, by Westborough Public Schools.

Gordon is leaving at the end of the current school year to work at a private school.

Class of 2023 schedule

Student representative Aratrika Ghosh presented the schedule for the soon-to-graduate Class of 2023.

The last day for seniors will be May 26; the Senior Ball will be May 30; the baccalaureate and Memory Stroll will be June 2; graduation will be June 3 at 5 p.m.; and Project Graduation will be at Teamworks from 10 p.m. on Sunday to 5 a.m. on June 4.
Ghosh, a graduating senior, was honored by the School Committee for her work as student representative.

Food services

Representatives from Chartwell’s Food Service came before the School Committee during its meeting on May 10.

The company has been working with the district for more than 15 years. It not only cooks and serves meals (74,895 per month for WPS), but has helped with implementing a districtwide composting program.

Students learn how to set aside food scraps and leftovers from their meals; Chartwell then sends the leftovers to Black Earth Composting for conversion into compost.

Bock said she is looking into a summer meals program for families with food insecurities, as well as a farm-to-table program.

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