Westborough board and committee vacancies announced


Westborough board and committee vacancies announced
A car passes in front of Westborough Town Hall in December. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

WESTBOROUGH – Starting July 1, there will be several town boards and committees with vacancies.

Letters of interest are due by June 2. Please send correspondence to the town manager’s office, 34 West Main St., Westborough MA 01581, or via email to [email protected].

Town Manager appointed

Board of Health – 1 member (three-year term)
Cable TV Advisory Committee – 2 members (Ad Hoc)
Commissioners of Trust Funds – 2 members (three-year term)
Constable – 2 positions (one-year term)
Disability Commission – 2 members with a disability (three-year term)
Diversity & Inclusion Committee – 2 members (three-year term)
Insect & Pest Control Officer – 1 position (one-year term)
Measurer of Wood – 1 position (one-year term)
Municipal Building Committee – 3 members (one- and three-year terms)

Select Board appointed

Active Transportation & Safety Committee – 4 members (one- and three-year terms)
Affordable Housing Trust Fund – 2 positions (two-year term)
Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission – 2 members (one-year term)
Conservation Commission – 2 members (three-year term)
Council on Aging – 3 members (three-year term)
Cultural Council – 16 members (three-year term)
Historical Commission – 4 voting members. 1 nonvoting associate (three-year term)
Housing Partnership Committee – 5 members (one- and two-year terms)
Sandra Pond/Conservation Area Wardens – 5 members (one-year term)
Spirit Committee – 7 members (one-year term)
Sustainable Westborough – 2 members (three-year term)
Veterans Advisory Board – 9 members (one-year term)
Westborough Housing Authority – Tenant Representative (must be tenant within WHA property)
Westborough TV Board of Directors – 1 member (three-year term)
Youth Commission – 1 member (three-year term)

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