Herbicide treatment at Fort Meadow Reservoir


Herbicide treatment at Fort Meadow Reservoir
Marlborough’s Fort Meadow Reservouir seen from the sky. The reservoir will be treated with herbicides next week. (Photo/Tami White)

MARLBOROUGH – Fort Meadow Reservoir, located in Marlborough and Hudson, will be treated on Thursday, June 1, by Solitude Lake Management with herbicides to control Eurasian and variable watermilfoil and fanwort.

These species of plants are invasive, non-native weeds that if not controlled will spread and grow rapidly and choke the lake, making boating, swimming and fishing difficult. Spot treatment will occur along the entirety of the lake shorelines.

The lake water use will be restricted within the three basins as follows beginning on the day of treatment.

  1. No boating and no swimming on Thursday, June 1, the day of application to allow maximum contact of the herbicide with the weeds. This restriction is for the entire lake. You may resume boating and swimming on Friday, June 2.
  2. No watering of livestock (includes pets) until Saturday, June 3.
  3. No drinking or cooking with lake water until Monday, June 5.
  4. No irrigation with lake water until Tuesday, June 6, as the herbicide may harm your lawn and plants.

Once treatment is completed, lake users should do their part by checking boats and trailers for weeds when taking boats in and out of the water. This will ensure that the weeds from other lakes are not reintroduced into Ft. Meadow Reservoir and vice versa. Anyone using the lake should check boats and boat trailers for hitchhiker weeds and remove them.

The spot treatment will not affect the native plants that are important to a healthy lake. The lake is monitored annually and spot treated annually or as needed to help keep these weeds under control. 

Please visit the Marlborough and Hudson Fort Meadow Commission pages for additional information. Updated treatment area maps will be posted on both of these sites.

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