Car crashes into Marlborough home on Ash Street


Car crashes into Marlborough home on Ash Street
A car crashed into this Marlborough home on Ash Street on May 30. (Photo/Ron Ayotte)

MARLBOROUGH – A house on Ash Street sustained heavy damage on the evening of Tuesday, May 30, when a car crashed into it.

Janice Downey and her cat, Bella, were in the house on Ash Street when, at 8:45 p.m. May 30, a car crashed through her kitchen, destroying a fence and ending up on the stone wall of a neighbor’s home.

Responding units arrived to find the corner of the house missing and the refrigerator about 20-plus feet away on the lawn, along with the wood, insulation, cabinets and debris from the vehicle strewn about.

Elcid Silva has been charged with operating to endanger, marked lanes violation and speeding.

Marlborough’s code enforcement office and the utility companies were called to shut off the power and gas line to the house.

Downey complimented the police, fire and EMS responders.

She had limited access to enter her home due to the possible lack of structural integrity. A police officer came by around 4 a.m. and saw the light on in her car.

“He stopped to check on me and asked me if I was okay and needed a coffee or anything. I asked him if he had a phone charger with him, and he said he did not. When he returned, he brought a charger for me. We have some really great people working for us,” said Downey.

Despite what happened to her house, the homeowner took it all in stride. When she spoke with the Community Advocate, Downey was waiting for the board up company to arrive to secure the building.

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t getting a drink out of the refrigerator… I would have ended up on the lawn with it,” she said.

Maureen Sullivan contributed to this report.

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