Look your best with skincare aesthetics by RenovoMD


Look your best with skincare aesthetics by RenovoMD
RenovoMD’s David Tiber, MD, Jean Casello MD, and Shannon Hampton, RN
(Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

NORTHBOROUGH – RenovoMD is a skincare aesthetics practice that is run by trained medical practitioners. Jean Casello, M.D., opened the office in 2008, and this year she added David Tiber, M.D., to her team to keep up with patient demand.

“We are a totally medical-based aesthetics office,” said Dr. Casello. “We are well-trained, experienced, and continue our education on an annual basis; this is particularly important.”

RenovoMD offers aesthetic and cosmetic services such as Botox, laser skin care, hair removal, scar and tattoo removal, lip fillers, Cool Sculpting, and Kybella, a fat dissolving treatment. 

“Botox began in the 1950’s for medical uses. Its benefits for aesthetic treatments began in the 1990s, primarily for wrinkle prevention. Botox started out on the west coast in doctor’s offices, and I used to have to go out there for training because no one else was providing Botox treatments here in the east,” said Dr. Casello. “Back then, no one talked about their cosmetic treatments, whereas today, everyone is very open about the procedures they are having done.”

Dr. Casello is a physician who practiced internal medicine for over 25 years. Dr. Tiber brings a background in pediatric intensive care. He finds that his experience transfers easily to his work in aesthetics.

“I worked in critical care for 20 years. I am trained to perform procedures on small vascular and bone structures, and this makes it easy to provide precision work on a delicate area like the face,” said Dr. Tiber.

Drs. Casello and Tiber are aligned on the philosophy of their aesthetics practice, examples of which can be seen in day-to-day operations. They agree that providing fillers is like sculpting a client’s face.

“You start to notice changes in your face once you reach your 30’s. We don’t use fillers to alter someone’s lips and face; we use them to enhance and refresh their appearance.  We assess how to lovingly restore what they naturally had but have lost over time,” said Dr. Casello.

Dr. Tiber added, “As you age, you lose fat pads and bone density in your face, and you lose approximately one percent of collagen each year. Your face starts to drop. Fillers replace the lost volume and lift that occur in the aging process.”

While cosmetic treatments have been available for a long time, the pandemic accelerated the interest among the general population.

“During the pandemic, everyone started having meetings online, so they spent a lot of time seeing themselves on-screen all day,” said Dr. Tiber. “They wanted to improve their appearance, because the things that may have been bothering them were literally staring them in the face.”

Clients frequently visit RenovoMD when they have an upcoming event, such as a wedding. They end up going back for return visits when they see the effect of their treatments.

“To offer these services, you have to have an artistic, aesthetic eye, and you need the medical background to understand anatomy and physiology,” said Dr. Casello. “Every person is unique, and you want to preserve that uniqueness when making changes. You have to constantly keep up on your training. A six-month certificate is not enough if you want to offer the best to your clients.”

Dr. Tiber added, “As a provider, you have to be humble enough to know that you need continuous education and training.”

“Our work has a profound effect on people’s lives. We help people to be their best. I have patients who have been coming to me for years and years,” said Dr. Casello. “It is an honor to know that our clients trust us to improve their beauty and their quality of life.” 

RenovoMD is located at 96 W. North Main Street in Northborough. Contact RenovoMD at (508) 393-6398 to schedule a consultation, and be sure to ask about their new client specials.

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