Couples take center stage at B. Remembered


Couples take center stage at B. Remembered
The team driving the wedding revolution at B. Remembered.(Photo/Courtesy)

WESTBOROUGH– Daniel Krikorian and business partner James Toohey started B. Remembered, a professional wedding services company, at the height of the pandemic. Krikorian had been producing commercials, and when the pandemic hit, his clients shut down. A bride found his website and asked him to shoot her wedding, and by the end of 2020 he and Toohey had been hired for 147 weddings.

“We intuitively provided concierge service and wound up with five-star reviews. This opened a flood of requests,” said Krikorian.

Krikorian believes the early success of B. Remembered is founded in the simple philosophy of servicing the customer, particularly the bride.

Krikorian was raised by entrepreneurial parents. His father runs an auto body shop, and his mother is a financial guru. Growing up in that environment gives Krikorian a unique vantage point.

“My expertise is a confluence of marketing, psychology, and economics applied to the wedding industry. Couples want two things on their wedding day: security and quality,” said Krikorian. “We provide them the security of knowing that we are going to show up and make their wedding day truly special. We take the stress off the shoulders of the couple.”

“The wedding business is based on emotion and not economics, and typically, wedding providers are artists rather than business people,” said Krikorian. “We recognized immediately that we had to be couple-centric, not ego driven. We needed to make the couple happy.”

Krikorian and Toohey did research and found that wedding service providers were not trained on providing customer service. That opened the door for their second business of training wedding professionals how to succeed at a wedding.

“We have created a model that works well in the gig economy: wedding professionals are trained and certified by us and then have access to our equipment and systems. This saves them from having to use their own equipment or manage business operations,” said Krikorian. “We also train professionals for handling obstacles that might happen on a wedding day. Every wedding serviced by B. Remembered is provided by a local, trained professional using high-quality equipment. The wedding professionals save on their costs, and the couples are guaranteed a magnificent experience.”

B. Remembered offers full wedding planning services, coordination, entertainment, photography, videography, photo booth, makeup and more, all together in one convenient place.

“Our services are accessible because we have systemized them, and this allows us to drive down pricing. We serve as a wedding hub, so the couple only has to deal with one company, not fifteen different vendors. We’re perfect for busy couples in any economy,” said Krikorian.

Demand for B. Remembered’s services continues to grow, and Krikorian credits the early success of B. Remembered to one factor:

“To be successful in business, you have to listen first. We have had early success just by treating people right.”

Visit B. Remembered at or call (508) 625-7142 to schedule a wedding consultation.

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