Electric vehicle charging is a must for apartment and condo dwellers


Electric vehicle charging is a must for apartment and condo dwellers
Property Mgr. Dominik Kozlowski standing next to one of their charging stations. (Photo/Submitted)

Apartment hunters usually have a check list of must haves. Those lists contain things like a pool, a gym, and even dog parks. Today people are also asking for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Dominik Kozlowski, property manager at Windsor Ridge Apartments in Westborough says he gets inquiries every week about the availability of EV charging. Happily, he is able to answer yes to those questions. 

Windsor Ridge at Westborough Apartments is managed by Windsor Communities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GID Investment Advisers LLC, a nationwide company of 150 apartment communities and a leader in environmental sustainability efforts in the industry. The company has programs to reduce energy use, water use and waste. In addition, they currently have approximately 600 EV charging ports spread across their apartment communities nationwide.

Windsor Ridge is one of the only apartment communities in Westborough that offers EV charging. There are six dual unit charging stations at Windsor Ridge, providing charging for 12 EV’s. The stations have been in place since September 2022 and they are being used on a consistent basis says Dominik. The units are open to the public as well as residents and charge 23 cents per kilowatt hour plus a two-dollar session charge, and have been well-received by the community.

Phil Carmody is VP and Head of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) for GID Investment Advisers LLC, the parent company of Windsor Communities. He explained the decision-making process regarding EV charging station installation at a specific property. First, they gauge the demand. He does this by speaking with the regional and local property management team to learn how often they are getting asked if their location has charging stations. Second, he looks at what rebate programs exist in the location. According to Mr. Carmody, rebate programs are a significant element of the decision-making in being able to install charging stations. When they can combine state rebates with local electric company rebates and knowing such programs have a finite pool of funds, the decision becomes easy. It is a win for the company bottom line and a win for the environment. In this case it is also a win for Westborough. The MassEVIP program funds up to 60 percent of the hardware and installation costs up to a maximum of $50,000 per street address.

Mike Grim and Jeff Levine

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