Checkerboards Restaurant & Bar features quality food, casual atmosphere


Checkerboards Restaurant & Bar features quality food, casual atmosphere

HUDSON – When you’ve been in business for 32 years, you’re doing something right.

Established in 1991 by Chris Tsiros, sister-in-law Jill Smith, and father-in-law Joe Martocci, Checkerboards Restaurant & Bar has thrived for 30-plus years because of exceptional food, responsive customer service and the restaurant’s casual atmosphere.

What was once just “four walls and the ceiling,” according to Tsiros, has transformed into one of Hudson’s top eateries. The family-owned restaurant has expanded twice, seats 200 customers (you’ll always be able to find somewhere to sit) and features a full bar.

“You have to work hard. In this business, you have to have good food, great service, and you need to be clean. You have to have all three or you’re history,” Tsiros told the Community Advocate. “One of the owners is always on site.”

Checkerboards has Italian roots, but the restaurant serves many different types of cuisine. The menu includes soups, salads, pasta, steak, seafood, pizza, calzones, cold-cut sandwiches, daily specials, seasonal favorites, and plenty more. Checkerboards also has a gluten-free menu, and – as long as it has the ingredients – the restaurant is able to accommodate special requests and give customers a “personal touch.”

“You could come here for a month straight – maybe two months – and get something different every time,” said Tsiros. When asked which menu item was his favorite, Tsiros couldn’t help but name dozens of dishes.

Though Checkboards has a variety of different food, it doesn’t compromise on quality, and you’ll always receive a good portion; all of the food is homemade using family recipes and fresh ingredients. The restaurant gets fresh fish delivered daily and spends hours preparing food for everything on the menu. Everything is fresh at Checkerboards.

“Nothing is processed. There’s lots of prepwork. We make our own sauce like the old days – eight hours to make the sauce. Once people try how good the food is, they always return. We have a lot of regulars here that have been coming here for a long time,” he said.

The casual, family-oriented spot has an open kitchen, allowing customers to see their food being made. With plenty of available seating and food that comes out quickly (Tsiros said that Checkerboards isn’t fast food; it’s good food made fast), customers don’t have to wait long to sit and eat. Locals brave snowstorms to eat at the restaurant.

Checkerboards is also perfect for extended, sit-down meals.

“We couldn’t do it without our customers and also our employees. We value them, and treat them like family here. Many employees have been with us for 20-plus years,” said Tsiros.

Checkerboards Restaurant & Bar is located at 10 Technology Drive in Hudson. To see the menu, or to place an order, visit or call (978) 562-4400

Checkerboards is switching to a new ordering system, and it will soon offer online ordering and delivery. Check out the restaurant’s website for more details.

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