Marlborough Candidate Statement – Ward 2 – David Doucette (Incumbent)


Marlborough Candidate Statement – Ward 2 – David Doucette (Incumbent)
David Doucette

Tell us about yourself

Ward 2 City Councilor running for re-election for my 5th term. Lived in the city since 1992. 30 years high tech experience, Bachelors in Engineering with honors, MBA with high honors. Married, two daughters and three grandchildren. I appreciate the opportunity to help the city provide the services, resources and education for our citizens and businesses who call Marlborough home.

What are the biggest issues facing the city?

Maintaining the balance of community, growth and services to keep the tax rate low for our
citizens and attract new businesses to grow and prosper.

As a city councilor, how would you approach issues regarding traffic, public safety
and speeding?

While Rt. 20 construction will be a traffic issues for a while, we should explore the use of
speed tables to slow down traffic on cut-thru roads throughout the city.

Do you think the city is on the right track in relation to residential and commercial

Yes, but this is a balancing act and a constant work in progress. Most commercial growth is
outside of 495, Housing is happening in mostly larger developments, either apartments or
condominiums. I am concerned that even with new construction, people living here today
are getting priced out the city.

A series of zoning changes were vetoed by Mayor Arthur Vigeant earlier this year.
Now, there are proposed changes in the Village District’s zoning. How would
these changes improve the district?

While the original zoning for the Village District had great intentions, the lack of success of
projects designed for downtown shows there are issues with the current zoning, hence the
proposed changes in the spring and the proposals going forward (i.e., we’re not done yet).
Housing developers can’t rely on the city for parking, so limiting the buy out for parking is
important to add. Clarifying the use of brick facade in construction of new buildings (vs the
labor costs with actual brick) were important to include in the updated zoning proposals.

Currently, there are several vacancies on Main Street, in addition to the vacant lot
next to Welly’s. As a councilor, how would you support downtown revitalization?

I think that having more events that draw people downtown helps to build foot traffic
downtown. Also anyway we can help landlords retrofit building to be more energy efficient
can provide tenants with less heating and cooling bills, reducing their operating costs.

What skills and experience do you have to prepare you to be a member of the city

I have a combination of engineering and business experience that provides an insight into
much of there operation issues that face our city. Long-term advocate in addressing climate
change who knows that reducing energy demand and increasing the use of solar by our city
saves money.

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