Marlborough Candidate Statements – At-Large Councilor – Scott King


Marlborough Candidate Statements – At-Large Councilor – Scott King
Scott King

Tell us about yourself

I have been a proud resident here my entire life.

Family has always been central to my life. I’ve been married to my incredible wife, Kristan, for 31 years. Together, we’ve raised two daughters who also attended Marlborough Public Schools. Now, we’re blessed to watch our granddaughter grow up here, attending those same schools. Our commitment to this city is not just political; it’s personal. We’re homeowners here, our family and friends reside here, and I have had the pleasure of protecting and serving the Marlborough community as a Marlborough police officer for 16 years,

I’m also a proud Army veteran, having served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. Following my military service, I embarked on a career in real estate, working alongside Ernie Houde at Laer Realty Partners for nearly 17 years. But it was my calling to protect and serve that led me to become a Police Officer for the Marlborough Police Department in 2007.

What are the biggest issues facing the city?

Drug issues in our city are a pressing concern that affects the well-being of our residents and the overall safety of our community. I am committed to supporting and expanding addiction recovery programs within our city, to offer support to those seeking help. We need to ensure that individuals struggling with addiction have access to the resources and treatment they need to recover and reintegrate into our community.

I will work closely with our city’s budgeting processes to ensure that the Police, Fire department, and the DPW receive the funding they require. We will assess their needs, allocate resources appropriately, and seek opportunities to secure additional grants and resources to supplement their budgets.

By providing our local departments with the necessary equipment, technology, and personnel, we can enhance public safety, respond to emergencies more effectively, and ensure our city’s infrastructure is well-maintained. This, in turn, leads to a higher quality of life for our residents.

As a city councilor, how would you approach issues regarding traffic, public safety and speeding?

As a former police Officer, I understand the issues we have when it comes to traffic safety and public safety, especially with how fast our city has grown. While this growth is certainly a positive sign of progress, it is crucial that our essential personnel and citizens can keep up with the booming development. We need to invest in our public schools, DPW, and our first responders to ensure we have the necessary staff and tools to maintain the safety of our residents equally. To effectively manage traffic in our city, it is important to sustain the Traffic Unit of the Police Department by providing them with sufficient funds and continuous training. Our top priority is community-oriented policing; our officers must be well trained, focus on building positive relationships with the community, and at the same time effectively enforce the law. Working closely with law enforcement, we can identify problem areas and devise tailored solutions. This will help us develop a safer and more efficient traffic system for our community.

Do you think the city is on the right track in relation to residential and commercial development?

As a resident of Marlborough, I believe that there are numerous opportunities for small businesses in our city. To support this, I am committed to support current and future local business by working closely with the chamber of commerce and supporting programs such as economic development agencies, business development services, and business management consultants. My goal is to help both new and existing local businesses thrive in our community.

A series of zoning changes were vetoed by Mayor Arthur Vigeant earlier this year. Now, there are proposed changes in the Village District’s zoning. How would these changes improve the district?

The proposed zoning changes in the Village District are crucial for the continued metamorphosis and prosperity of Marlborough. However, it’s equally important that these changes benefit all community members we must review all the pros and cons before deciding.

Currently, there are several vacancies on Main Street, in addition to the vacant lot next to Welly’s. As a councilor, how would you support downtown revitalization? 

As a counselor, my top priority would be the revitalization of downtown. To achieve this, I plan on collaborating with local business owners to promote new investments in vacant spaces by offering available incentives. I would involve the residents in the revitalization process and promote community events on Main Street, while advocating for improvements to make Main Street more appealing and pedestrian friendly.

What skills and experience do you have to prepare you to be a member of the city council?

As a candidate for City Council in Marlborough, I bring a wealth of skills and experience that uniquely prepare me to serve the community. My background as a veteran, real estate agent, retired police officer, and school resource officer equips me with a diverse set of qualities that can benefit the residents of Marlborough in several ways.

As an Army Veteran one of the fundamental lessons, I learned during my time overseas was the importance of embracing diversity and fostering understanding among different cultures.

My experience as a small business owner in the real estate industry has equipped me with a deep understanding of local economic dynamics, community development, and the impact of policies on businesses and residents.

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