Linda’s Decors: “We give windows the treatment!”


Linda’s Decors: “We give windows the treatment!”
Linda Woodard stands in front of the Linda’s Decors vehicle. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

MARLBOROUGH – Linda’s Decors wants to “meet where your windows live.”

While many people randomly browse products on showroom shelves, Linda’s Decors travels to clients to offer at-home consultation and expertise. Clients can touch, feel, see and experience products with the colors, lighting, and existing decor of their own home.

“It’s a huge benefit; I hear it every day,” said Linda Woodard, who incorporated the business in 2011 after years of experience in the industry. “Clients don’t have to visualize it – they can see it and it helps them feel good about their decision.”

Woodard, the president of the Window Coverings Association of America, Northeast Chapter, specializes in window treatments – including draperies and soft treatments, shutters, blinds, and shades – and also uses her experience to help clients in other areas, including paint color (and wallpaper) selection, room layouts and furniture choices.

“My business is window treatments. That’s my specialty. That’s what I’m really good at. Clients benefit from me because I offer a designer’s eye throughout the entire project,” Woodard told the Community Advocate. It’s about taking the whole room (or home) into consideration.

Linda’s Decors understands that every project and client is different; Woodard has experience with tried-and-true, more-traditional styles and also keeps up to date with the latest industry trends. She likes to make the process fun and easy for clients, building strong personal relationships along the way.

“We form very strong relationships,” said Woodard. “When I finish with a client, we’ve both gained something. You have to love people in this business because it’s about people. You have to learn what makes them tick. You have to dig deep and understand what their style is, what their vision is and how they live in their home. Working in and on someone’s home is very personal, and I take that seriously.”

Linda’s Decors is also pragmatic about pricing. Woodard emphasized that the company values honesty and integrity; Woodard is honest about what windows need (and don’t need), and she is able to work with different client’s budgets.

“I’ve lived in Marlborough my whole life; I like working in my community and helping people solve problems and beautify their homes,” she added.

Woodard worked in sales and marketing prior to entering the design industry, giving her the unique ability to ask the right questions, determine the best solutions and communicate clearly. From ordering to fabrication and installation, each step of the process is expertly and professionally managed by Linda’s Decors.

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