Santa takes helicopter to visit Southborough


Santa takes helicopter to visit Southborough
Santa visited Southborough via helicopter on Dec. 2. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

SOUTHBOROUGH – Santa Claus gave the reindeer a well-deserved day off, choosing to visit Southborough on another – more technologically advanced – mode of transportation: the helicopter.

Hundreds of eager families gathered at St. Mark’s Field on Saturday afternoon to witness Santa’s unique entrance, take pictures with him, and double check whether they made it on the nice list.

The crowd restlessly waited until the unmistakable roar of rotors could be heard. The helicopter flew over the crowd of elated children several times, and before long Santa popped out of the chopper. The children could hardly contain their excitement; some started singing Christmas carols.

After he touched down, Santa waded through crowds and headed to the Southborough Community House for photos with families. Food, entertainment, and arts and crafts were also available at the event.

Santa’s visit was just one of several holiday-oriented events in Southborough on Saturday.

At St. Anne’s Church, members of Boy Scout Troop 92 gave children the opportunity (and privacy) to do some holiday shopping for adult loved ones. The Southborough Public Library held several events and St. Mark’s Church hosted its Christmas Bazaar.

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