Select Board establishes Sustainability Committee


Select Board establishes Sustainability Committee
Shrewsbury’s Town Hall stands within the town’s municipal campus off Maple Street. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SHREWSBURY – The Select Board unanimously voted to establish a Sustainability Committee on March 12.

The committee — formed after several Select Board members met with the local environmental advocacy group Tipping Point 01545 — seeks to “extend the goals of the climate action and resiliency plan to include residents and businesses, and advance initiatives that focus on climate and environmental matters that impact public health, the built environment, vehicles, equipment, land use, solid waste, and natural resources,” according to a copy of the committee’s charge.

The charge states that the group will work to “help increase communication and engagement around Shrewsbury’s sustainability and resiliency goals to foster broad engagement in climate action and adaptation.”

The committee will help plan and publicize outreach events, host forums, provide information and educate the community.

“I support this, and I think it’s a nice bridge between the public and the municipal [operation]. I think we have many passionate and smart neighbors who would be more than willing to donate their time and their talents to further sustainability initiatives to their fellow residents,” Select Board Chair Beth Casavant said.

The charge also said the committee will establish and update an environment-focused page on the town’s website and provide input on updates to the climate action and resiliency plan as needed by town staff. The new committee is scheduled to present before the Select Board annually.

The committee will be composed of an “intentionally diverse” group of seven members appointed by the Select Board, the charge said. Six of the members will serve staggered threeyear terms, while the seventh member will be an upperclassman from Shrewsbury High School serving a one-year term.

“I think that the committee will be a good resource for folks at home who want to become more sustainable themselves,” Select Board member Carlos Garcia said. “I do appreciate there will be one member of the community that… will be a highschool-aged student. I think for young people… I know that climate action and sustainability is on the forefront of our minds.”

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