Wenzel: Marlborough Lions Club clean recycled eyeglasses


Wenzel: Marlborough Lions Club clean recycled eyeglasses

MARLBOROUGH – Members of the Marlborough Lions Club, old and new, came together once again, to help fight blindness. They came together to clean approximately 3,500 recycled eyeglasses. Next step is to neutralize them (i.e. use a lensometer to read the prescriptions), bag and label them, and then distribute to their next owner somewhere around world. This is just one way Lions are serving a world in need.

Wenzel: Marlborough Lions Club clean recycled eyeglasses
Marlborough Lions Club member Sharon Levy processes eye glasses by washing, drying and boxing them up to be sent to individuals in other parts of the world. (Photo/Courtesy)

THE GFWC Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club 2024-2026 Executive Board has been selected. They are: President – Yvonne Breitenfeld, Vice President – Denise Ryan, Treasurer – Alison Conlon, Secretary – Kathy Gibbs, Membership – Nomi Munroe. Thank yous go out to the previous Board for their leadership – Justine Craven-Goetz – President, Kyla Leconti – Secretary and Kate Fiore – Membership.

Wenzel: Marlborough Lions Club clean recycled eyeglasses
The GFWC Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club’s 2024-2026 Executive Board is as follows: President – Yvonne Breitenfeld, Vice President – Denise Ryan, Treasurer – Alison Conlon, Secretary – Kathy Gibbs and Membership – Nomi Munroe. (Photo/Courtesy)

THE INCREDIBLE Whitcomb Unified Basketball Team recently celebrated World Autism Awareness Day. This year, Whitcomb Middle School launched the program, and students, alongside best buddies and Marlborough High School volunteers, had a blast while learning a lot. Big shoutout to Coaches Michaella Mahoney DaSilva and Tyler Smith.

THE MARLBOROUGH GARDEN CLUB will meet May 8 with Richard Bertin presenting, “Climate Trends and their Impact on How We Garden.” This talk will summarize global temperature trends and examine the factors that have contributed to the changes.

The Marlborough Garden Club’s 29th Annual Plant Sale will be held Saturday, May 11, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m., at the Whitcomb Middle School, 25 Union St.

THE ROTARY CLUB OF MARLBOROUGH is offering 11 scholarships, five $4,000 scholarships, five $1.000 scholarships and one scholarship, awarded to a graduating student at Assabet, to help them outfit for their trade. These scholarships will be available to students graduating from Marlborough High School, the Advanced Math & Science Academy (AMSA) and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School who plan on attending college.

This is the link to the application:

FillableScholarshipApplication2024.pdf (marlboroughrotary.org)

And this is the link to the website:

Scholarships (marlboroughrotary.org)

The Rotary Club of Marlborough would like to inform any graduating high school seniors that the deadline for submitting scholarship applications to the club is April 19, 2024. The submissions need to be postmarked by April 19, 2024, to be accepted. Please either mail the application to Rotary Club of Marlborough, PO Box 186, Marlborough MA 01752 or email to [email protected].

THE CRAFTY PANTHER will be on hand Sunday, April 14, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Marlborough High School, 431 Bolton St. There will be items for crafts, products and services from over 60 local crafters, vendors and small businesses. Hosted by the MHS Student Council, all funds raised will support the leadership experience, opportunities and conferences for the students.

THE MARLBOROUGH HISTORICAL SOCIETY will meet Tuesday, April 23, at 7 p.m. at the Peter Rice Homestead, 377 Elm St. A ‘short’ Annual Meeting will be held to elect a slate of officers for the coming year, renew four trustees. and update the membership on the finances. Following the meeting, there will be a presentation of “The Trail of John Brown – American Patriot or Terrorist,” presented by the Honorable Dennis J. Curran, ret.

CONGRATULATIONS to Marlborough High School’s Athletic Director Jeff Rudzinsky who was honored as Athletic Director of the Year for District 3.


April 12 – Michael Hogan
April 13 – Bob Turner
April 16 – Jean Kenney
April 17 – State Rep. Danielle Gregoire
April 18 – Gigi Chamberlain and John Sahagian
April 21 – Cathy Mischenko
April 22 – Elaine Waldron and Tom Pope
April 23 – Betsy Landers
April 24 – J J Lynch
April 25 – Rachel LaBrache


April 15 – Norman and Karoline Wheeler 70 years
April 16 – Joan and Bob Gregoire
April 17 – Jenn and Casey-Lee Bastien

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