Armeno Coffee Roasters to celebrate 30th anniversary


Armeno Coffee Roasters to celebrate 30th anniversary
Armeno Coffee Roasters is celebrating its 30th birthday. (Photo/Courtesy)

NORTHBOROUGH – In 1908, the Armeno Cereal Company took up residence in what we now lovingly refer to as “the mill” by Smith Pond in Northborough. Producing wheat for bulgur, tabouli and couscous for most of the century, the mill passed through three generations of the Kalenian family before Paul Kalenian changed gears, founding Armeno Coffee Roasters in 1994. 

Taking inspiration from George Howell’s Coffee Connection, Armeno began specializing in freshly roasting mid-crop, 100% Arabica beans from around the world. Six years later, Kalenian sold the company to trusted employees Chuck Coffman and John Parks, who remain the owners, roasters and face of Armeno today.

Now celebrating its 30th birthday, the roastery has thrived off of word of mouth to become a mainstay of the community. New folks, drawn in by the scent of coffee on the air, are surprised and delighted by what they find: not a café, but a peek behind the scenes into the daily roasting process, and an invitation to experience craft coffee in a way they never have before.

Though supplying local businesses has always been Armeno’s primary focus, the company’s reach has expanded considerably in the last five years to include a robust following of everyday mail-order consumers all across the nation. As for their walk-in regulars, the breadth and quality of options is what makes Armeno’s retail storefront stand apart, boasting more than forty single estate varietals, as well as a dozen custom blends and a selection of Swiss Water Processed decaf.

There’s a bean for everyone in Armeno’s selection, and no one is happier to guide you through the process of finding it than Armeno’s long-time crew. However, they’ll be the first to tell you that no

matter which you choose, the key factor is freshness. Armeno’s small batch, daily roasting speaks for itself the moment you try it. Fair warning though, once you taste the difference, you may never turn back!

Armeno’s will also be holding a wine tasting event on April 20 between 1 to 4 p.m., featuring entertainment and cheese and crackers. For more information, visit

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