‘The deteriorating state of the roads in Marlborough is a cause for concern’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Editor:

The deteriorating state of the roads in Marlborough is a cause for concern, reflecting poorly on the city’s infrastructure and the people who determine where monies are spent. The comparison to third-world countries may seem drastic, but it’s hard to ignore crater-like potholes, uneven surfaces, and general disrepair that plague the road network around here. The impact goes beyond mere inconvenience. Businesses along Route 20 are suffering due people (such as me) who are avoiding that part of Route 20, leading to economic repercussions for the Marlborough business community. 

The allocation of funds is a point of concern. While the construction of a boardwalk along Lake Williams – at the whopping cost of $1.7 million – may have its merits, it’s puzzling why such a substantial amount of money (or at least a portion of it) couldn’t have been redirected to addressing the pressing issue of road maintenance. Part of that funding could have been used to expedite road construction work during evening hours, as other communities have done, without causing economic hardship to local businesses.

These observations raise valid concerns about the city’s priorities and the allocation of resources. As a resident and driver in Marlborough, it’s natural to question why essential infrastructure needs are not being met, especially when funds seem to have been available.

Sheryl Roberts


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