Vote for Craig Dauphinais in the Grafton Town Election


Letter to the Editor iconThank goodness Craig is running again! That was our reaction when we first heard that Craig Dauphinais was running to regain a seat on the Grafton Select Board. Why our reaction and support? He has a lifelong understanding of Grafton and has shown, through his experience and understanding gained while serving on many Town Boards and Committees (including multiple terms as a Selectman), that he should be returned to our Select Board.  We have always felt that Craig was quite effective as a Selectman; fair, objective, strong and forthcoming in that role and should have stayed, but job and family responsibilities created the need for him to step away for a few years. Now Craig is back, having the time once again to well serve the Town of Grafton; we’re going to delight in casting our vote for “Craig Dauphinais for Select Board” and suggest that you consider doing so as well. Mark your digital and paper calendars now with a reminder to VOTE for Craig Dauphinais in the Grafton Town Election on Tuesday, May 21st.

Cordial thanks to all, 

Bill & Pat Yeomans
South Grafton

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