Black bears sighted in and around Westborough


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WESTBOROUGH – The town’s Animal Control officer is reporting that at least one black bear has been sighted in the area.

According to a social media post from ACO Melinda MacKendrick, the bear was sighted within about a mile of the Hopkinton/Upton line. She added “There is known to be one in the Wildlife Management area at Chauncy, another one that comes out of Upton State Forest and looks for bird feeders, another occasionally sighted near Southborough, and one was seen on a Ringcam in Grafton near the Westborough town line.

“They have been here for a while, but I expect we will see more of them, and I want to raise awareness to help prevent problems in the future,” she added.

The state’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife has information about black bears, which have been moving eastward in increasing numbers since the 1970s.

They recommend that “bears that have been habituated (accustomed) and dependent on human-associated foods, such as bird seed, trash and pet food, are likely to cause damage and become a nuisance. Removal of food sources and other attractants is key to preventing problems with bears.”

For more information on black bears, visit

To report sightings, or for more information, call the Animal Control office at 508-366-3060, or visit

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