Shrewsbury, Algonquin students visit Polar Park for ‘Senior Scoop’


Shrewsbury, Algonquin students visit Polar Park for ‘Senior Scoop’
Shrewsbury students pose for a photo before heading to Polar Park. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

WORCESTER – Many people flock to Polar Park to watch baseball, but hundreds of high school students recently learned that the stadium can also become a business destination.

On April 23, roughly 300 Central Massachusetts students visited the home of the Worcester Red Sox to meet with local businesses and explore post-secondary education options. The businesses at the “Senior Scoop” were eager to meet fresh talent, while students participated in interviews, networking, career exploration and interactive activities led by prominent Massachusetts business and workforce professionals.

Approximately 60 businesses attended the event.

Several dozen Shrewsbury High School and Algonquin Regional High School students traveled together to the event, which was organized by the Blackstone Valley Hub for Workforce Development.

Shrewsbury, Algonquin students visit Polar Park for ‘Senior Scoop’
Shrewsbury Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Well-Being Jane Lizotte speaks to students prior to their visit to Polar Park. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

“It is critically important to provide high school students with a multitude of lifelong opportunities that encourage them to explore a variety of career options. Every moment of every experience provides students with information about themselves and their interests that they may not otherwise have discovered if they had not been afforded these opportunities and career exposure,” Shrewsbury Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Well-Being Jane Lizotte said.

“‘Senior Scoop’ highlights the importance of connecting students with employers looking to hire them right out of high school,” Algonquin Career Exploration and Innovation Leader Michelle Kaelin added. “Often students don’t realize the range of entry-level positions they’re qualified for as high school graduates. As a school, we’re committed to exposing students to all of their options in order to make thoughtful decisions for the future.”

For Shrewsbury High School students like senior Michael O’Toole, the event was the perfect opportunity to look at different career options and potentially find a career path.

“I don’t really have much of a plan in terms of college or a job after high school that will push me forward in life. I’m just trying to see what’s going on. There’s definitely some interesting companies there. I’m not really too sure what to expect to be honest with you, but I know there’s a lot of different companies, and I expect to find some that I’m maybe interested in,” he told the Community Advocate prior to attending the event.

O’Toole also said he was grateful to Shrewsbury High School for providing him with the opportunity.

In addition to the students, several guidance counselors and other Shrewsbury staff headed to Polar Park to attend the event.

“I think it shows that Shrewsbury High School cares about their students after high school. Even if it gets one person a job, it helps out. Even if it helps people understand what they don’t want to do – it’s still valuable,” O’Toole said.

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