Cardinal O’Malley visits New Horizons at Marlborough


Cardinal O’Malley visits New Horizons at Marlborough
Cardinal Seán O’Malley and Bill Cummings pose for a photo after Mass. (Photo/Alyssa Chamberlain)

MARLBOROUGH – Cardinal Seán O’Malley recently celebrated Mass at New Horizons at Marlborough. 

According to Executive Director Betsy Connolly, the cardinal visited primarily because of the 32 Sisters who live on the New Horizons campus. A resident, who is not a Sister, had written to O’Malley, explaining that there were approximately 1,000 combined years of sisterhood at New Horizons, and they would be overjoyed if he could say Mass.

O’Malley’s office reached out to New Horizons founder Bill Cummings a month later, saying they had received the letter and were interested.

On April 26, the cardinal celebrated Mass in the on-site chapel at New Horizons, marking his second visit to the community since 2015. After Mass, O’Malley spent time with the Sisters before visiting with residents. 

Cardinal O’Malley visits New Horizons at Marlborough
Cardinal Seán O’Malley shakes hands with Mayor J. Christian Dumais. (Photo/Ryan Egan)

“Everything has been a buzz around here for the last couple of weeks since we’ve been letting everyone know he’s coming,” said Connolly.

New Horizons is a non-denominational community, and it offers daily Mass for the Catholic residents in addition to Jewish and Protestant services. 

“We are so honored to have the Cardinal returning,” said New Horizons resident Peg Keeler. “An advocate for the poor and disadvantaged, he is an awesome presence. I remember feeling how incredibly kind he was when he was here before.”

In addition to O’Malley, Cummings also visited the campus for the celebration.

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