Ken-ducky Derby: Westborough Lions Club hosts Rubber Duck Derby


Ken-ducky Derby: Westborough Lions Club hosts Rubber Duck Derby
And they’re off! Over 300 ducks are thrown into the Mill Pond Spillway to start the Rubber Duck Derby. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

WESTBOROUGH – It started with “Call to Post,” involved animals racing and had spectators watching with fancy hats. 

No, this wasn’t the Kentucky Derby. This was the Ken-ducky Derby. 

On May 4, coinciding with the 150th Kentucky Derby, the Westborough Lions Club held the group’s fourth annual Rubber Duck Derby at Mill Pond Spillway. Over 300 rubber ducks entered – including a handful of specialty entries, like bumble-bee duck – but only one was crowned the Rubber Duck Derby champion. The sponsor of the duck was promptly awarded a prize.

“We love it. I think it’s such a fun event. I think everybody enjoys it. It’s just a fun event in the spring; people want to get outside,” Westborough Lions Club Publicity and Communications Coordinator Susan Ash told the Community Advocate prior to the race.

Ken-ducky Derby: Westborough Lions Club hosts Rubber Duck Derby
Ducks race down the Mill Pond Spillway. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

Although golfer duck, a specialty entry, had won two competitions in the last few years, this year’s winner was a standard yellow duck, crossing the finish line just before another competitor. The ducks had worked with the thoroughbreds in Kentucky in the offseason to prepare for the Ken-ducky Derby, said Ash.

The Westborough Lions Club uses proceeds from the event to give a scholarship to a graduating Westborough High School senior. 

“We wanted to offer a scholarship to a Westborough High School student who excels in community service and also has overcome an obstacle to achieve success. We wanted to come up with an event to raise funds to do that. We had heard about these rubber duck derby events, and so we decided to try it. Since then, the event has gotten bigger and bigger,” Ash said.  

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