‘The monofil ash dump on route 20 will be a time bomb for all time’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Editor,

I’m writing to propose that the Town of Shrewsbury remove Kevin Mizikar from his position as Town Manager, if only for one reason … his rubber-stamping the perpetuation of the ash dump on route 20.  Shrewsbury is literally getting dumped on during Mizikar’s watch.  Not only is Shrewsbury receiving ash from the burnt waste of surrounding towns, but Win Waste (formerly Waste Management) runs a for-profit reception facility in Millbury, receiving waste from anyone who pays the price to have it incinerated.

Contamination of Shrewsbury’s town wells with harmful heavy metals has been an issue for a number of years now.  The monofil ash dump on route 20 will be a time bomb for all time.  A little research on the internet reveals the hazards of ash monofil landfills, and how supposed impervious linings become compromised leading to groundwater contamination.

No matter how much they try to sugar-coat the ash dump, whether with topping it with solar panels, or boasting about it as “green space” where sheep can graze, what lies just beneath the surface is poisonous, unsightly, and bound to haunt all future generations.

Shrewsbury would do well to get rid of Win, as well as a town manager who betrays what is in the best interest of the town’s residents.

Francis Reagan


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