‘Let’s not miss this opportunity to return Craig to the Select Board’


Letter to the Editor iconI am writing this letter in support of Craig Dauphinais, who is running for the Grafton Select Board.  As a friend and associate, I have known Craig for over 18 years, and he is truly a first-class person who possesses the utmost integrity.  He embraces the resume of a proven leader.  

Craig previously served on the Select Board for 12 years.  He confronts the challenges exerted on the Select Board with a true sense of commitment and passion for the town.  He has proven his allegiance to town service in the past and when asked why he wants to return to public service….without hesitation he genuinely replies, “because I love Grafton”.  

While serving the people of Grafton, he demonstrated his leadership abilities as a board member and as Chairman of the board.  Craig has invaluable experience and knowledge of the town and its history.  He knows what it takes to get things done and is willing to do the work to get there.

Craig has volunteered to serve the town in many other ways.  He served on the Grafton Planning Board, three town building committees, economic development, and capital planning. Craig has coached youth baseball and basketball and has helped with fundraising events for Apple Tree Arts, Grafton Public Schools and more.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to return Craig to the Select Board.  Our town will benefit from his experience, knowledge, and leadership.

Please cast your vote for Craig Dauphinais on Tuesday, May 21st.


John Martin
North Grafton

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