With friendly, experienced staff, BODY Therapeutics can help ease your pain


With friendly, experienced staff, BODY Therapeutics can help ease your pain
The team at BODY Therapeutics (Photo/ Evan Walsh)

SHREWSBURY – Jennifer Caron went from accounting to acupuncture.

While working as an accountant straight out of college, Caron began to feel the effects of extra-long hours, work travel and a stressful job in her early 20s; she had neck pain, insomnia and fatigue. Caron started getting acupuncture in an attempt to treat her ailments while also doing regular chiropractic and occasional massage therapy. She found this combination of therapies extremely effective, and decided to change her career to something that resonated more deeply with her.

Caron completed a three-year master’s degree program at the New England School of Acupuncture, and immediately upon graduating in 2009, opened her practice – BODY Therapeutics – in Worcester, operating in the city for 14 years before moving to a brand-new, conveniently located office in Shrewsbury last summer.

Caron – alongside her practitioner staff of four acupuncturists, four massage therapists and a chiropractor – are dedicated to helping people find relief and feel their best, just as these therapies helped Caron almost 20 years ago. By offering a wide array of services from a team that works collaboratively together, BODY Therapeutics is designed to help people feel their best. While some patients opt for using just one of their services, most people find that the multidisciplinary approach of using multiple treatment styles together is more effective.

“The whole idea is that not any one of our specialties is better than another. It’s the synergy of all of them together, being coordinated by a collaborative care team, that brings about the best results,” Caron told the Community Advocate. “We help recommend different combinations of treatments depending on what people are coming in with.”

BODY Therapeutics’ 10 practitioners offer different skill sets and specialties to better assist patients. With so many different areas of expertise, patients are easily able to find a practitioner and style that they resonate with.

And although the practitioners have different specialties, they all have one thing in common: they’re experienced and trustworthy. Caron takes pride in hiring extremely talented people who are experts in their field. The BODY Therapeutics team has over 170 years of combined experience.

“Experience in this kind of field helps the practitioner be more intuitive because they’ve worked with so many people before – they’ve seen these conditions before and know how to get them resolved. With decades of experience you’re just that much more in tune with people’s energy and bodies. Experience is so important,” said Caron. “At the same time we have hired newer practitioners as well, because they have been standouts in their class with exceptional patient-care skills, and they have proven to be an asset to our team immediately.

“I’m very grateful for all of our practitioners and proud of the longevity that they have with us. Eight of our 10 practitioners have been with us for over four years, with some of them having been with us since the very beginning, 15 years ago. And our newer staff members are immediately welcomed and well-loved by the team and patients,” she added.

The practice is not all about treating pain. While BODY Therapeutics frequently treats back and neck pain, for example, they also treat other conditions like migraines, headaches, emotional issues like depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, allergies, autoimmune disorders, women’s health concerns like infertility and menstrual health, and so much more. BODY Therapeutics also helps promote general wellness, serving as a preventative measure to stave off ailments and disease. Whatever the case, the practice gives each patient an individualized recovery plan, sometimes involving more than one treatment.

“A lot of people call with ailments and they’re not sure which of our services they should try. We help triage them into what we feel is the best place for them to start, and sometimes that’s one therapy, and sometimes that means they’re doing a couple at a time. It’s very specific to each individual,” Caron said.

“We offer three of the most effective holistic modalities there are. Everyone can find a practitioner and a style on our team that resonates well with them. Our friendly and jovial team lifts people’s spirits and oftentimes people say they feel better as soon as they walk in the door. And after their sessions they leave feeling so much better. It’s really such a wonderful thing to see and we are grateful for the work we get to do,” she added.

Body Therapeutics is located at 524 Main St. in Shrewsbury. For more information – or to make an appointment with Body Therapeutics – call 508-853-7500 or visit the practice’s website at https://www.body-therapeutics.com/.

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