One Solution to the Ongoing Housing Crisis


Letter to the Editor iconBy Betsy Connolly, MS Gerontology

Despite the alarms being sounded by local media, government, and the general public, Massachusetts remains stuck in an ongoing housing crisis. In a 2023 investigative series, The Boston Globe reported on the prohibitive cost of purchasing a house, citing extreme scarcity as the source of today’s frightening market conditions. 

The Globe noted two key drivers keeping inventory low and prices sky-high: new homes are not being built, and existing homes are not being sold.

So how can we make affordable home ownership a reality for more Massachusetts residents? And how do we do so in a manner that benefits everyone? 

For some, trading an over-large house for the comforts and convenience of a smaller residence may be the answer. Home values in the Commonwealth are on the rise, and potential sellers might do well to cash in. According to Massachusetts Association of Realtors, the median sale price for a single-family home was $609,900 in March, a 9 percent increase over the same time last year.

As executive director at New Horizons at Marlborough, I’ve seen firsthand the myriad benefits to be gained from moving to a full-service retirement community. There is a particular freedom to exchanging the time and expense of household management for a scenic, 40-acre campus with hotel-like amenities, on-site entertainment, a gourmet chef, and a built-in community.

 Plus, New Horizons is strictly not-for-profit, offering unusual financial security as compared to home ownership, condominiums, and even comparable senior communities in the area. Thanks to a current rate lock policy, new residents are guaranteed no increase to their monthly room and board fees for at least six full years.

For assisted living, for example, the monthly fee starts as low as $2,400 and includes an active schedule of social events, activities, and excursions as well as three daily home-cooked meals, water, heat, A/C, weekly housekeeping, apartment maintenance, groundskeeping, snow removal, and 24-hour front desk reception, among other things.

Prospective residents and families are encouraged to call 508-460-5200 or visit to learn more about independent living, assisted living, respite stays, and memory care at New Horizons at Marlborough.

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