‘Please join us in voting Craig Dauphinais back into office!’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Grafton Voters,

We are fortunate to have citizens who have stepped up to offer us choice in who we will elect to the Board of Selectman.  I thank all of you for your time and energy to this race. 

The Rynning family was pleasantly surprised to hear from Craig Dauphinais that he was going to run for select person this year.  Quite frankly, it is comforting to envision Craig back on the board of select people.  We know that Craig looks at problems from many angles and he isn’t only focused on raising taxes. We know Craig understands and respects that he represents many different voices in town.  Craig is approachable and easy to talk to.  We know that Craig can be a creative problem solver. One example is the time he insisted on taking a look at how to share services within the town as way to be more efficient and save money.  We know that Craig loves this town and sincerely wants to preserve what can be preserved for the benefit of all of the people here.  Craig, we appreciate your experience in serving the town of Grafton and we are excited to have you back serving the town.  Please join us in voting Craig Dauphinais back into office! 


Daryl and Bob Rynning


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