Grafton Candidate Statement – School Committee – Kristy Kielbasinski


Grafton Candidate Statement – School Committee – Kristy Kielbasinski
Kristy Kielbasinski

Why are you running?

I am running for School Committee because I am deeply invested in the future of our town. As a lifelong resident here, with three kids attending school in our district, I have a personal connection to the issues facing our community. I want to contribute my skills and dedication to making sure our schools thrive for generations ahead.

What are the three biggest issues facing the School Committee in order of importance?

The three biggest issues facing the School Committee are addressing the budget, ensuring accountability, and increasing transparency. Budget concerns are high, as Grafton Public Schools are 11th from the bottom in spending per student. It is imperative that we continue to find a balance between providing necessary resources for quality education while also being fiscally responsible. Accountability involves holding all stakeholders accountable for their actions and decision. Transparency is essential for building trust within the community, ensuring that decisions are made openly and with input from all stakeholders. By tackling all these issues, the School Committee can work towards providing the best possible education, while maintaining the trust, collaboration, and support of the community.

The superintendent for GPS has called the FY25 budget “demanding,” relying on revolving funds to help fund operational costs. Would you support an override in 2025? 

I do support an override in 2025, as it is necessary in order to maintain our current level of services in the Grafton Public School department. However, it cannot be relied upon every 3-5 years. If elected to School Committee, I would work tirelessly to advocate for fair State funding formulas, to ensure that Grafton receives its proper share of State resources. Additionally, I would focus on exploring alternative revenue streams and maximize existing resources within the district. Most importantly, I would prioritize transparency and efficiency in budget allocation, ensuring that every dollar is spent effectively to benefit our students. Collaborating with community stakeholders and engaging in open dialogue are the key to developing a sustainable long-term financial solution.

What is your opinion on the use of AI in the classroom?

My opinion is that AI is a beneficial tool when properly used for both students and teachers in the classroom. AI can help students improve their writing skills by providing feedback on grammar and spelling errors. Additionally, AI can assist teachers in quickly assessing students’ writing assignments and identifying areas for improvement. However, it’s essential to use AI as a supplement to traditional teaching methods and not rely solely on technology for learning. By integrating aspects of AI into the classroom, we can empower students to navigate AI both responsibly and ethically.

What is your relevant experience to serve on School Committee?

With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, an MBA, and a career focused on educational budget management, I would bring a unique blend of financial expertise and educational insight to the School Committee. Backed by a history of impactful advocacy within Grafton and a thorough understanding of policy, I’m dedicated to securing a quality education for every student in our community, both now and in the future.

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